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Installing clutch question

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OK...I have a new clutch to install and a new clutch installation tool (little plastic gadget.)

Do I put the clutch on the flywheel, stick in the installation tool, and then tighten down the clutch screws?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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JeffNC Jeff Cecil
Jim, check the surface of the flywheel for grooves and resurface if necessary. Install clutch plate with proper surface facing the flywheel(it's stamped on the disc) with the pressure plate over it. The pressure plate is what bolts to the flywheel. Leaving the bolts slightly loose, insert your alignment tool and then tighten the bolts to the proper torque settings. Have you invested in a maintenance manual like Haynes yet? Very valuable book when working on these cars. Jeff

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Limey Avatar
Limey Eric Marshall
Pentwater, MI, USA   USA
What Jeff said - just make sure the alignment tool has seated into the pilot bearing on the end of the crankshaft.

You may still find it a little tricky to get the gearbox up to the engine - they must be perfectly aligned for the mainshaft to slide through the clutch disk and into the pilot bearing. Patience is needed!

Eric Marshall

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trynne Avatar
trynne Tom Rynne
Milwaukee, USA   USA
Another tip. When tightening the clutch bolts take up the slack gradually working from one side across the the other. You don't tighten one bolt down completely before going to the one across from it as this will tend to warp the stamped plate on the back of the pressure plate and could end up with a shuddering clutch actuation.

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Ken Lessig Avatar
Nevada, Tx., USA   USA
AND....when the clutch is aligned properly, the alignment tool will slip in and out with almost NO resistance. If you have to wiggle it or pull hard enough to break the plastic ring, it ain't aligned!!

Great tips guys. Yes I have both manuals, but you learn some many of the best hidden Ken's posting questions here.

Thanks gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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