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Lowering ride height

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morris556 Avatar
morris556 Les L
So Cal, SoCal, USA   USA
I am looking to lower my 67 ‘B one inch all around, having a hard time finding the all of needed springs from one source. Vic British’s lowered front coils are not available at the moment & what I see on Moss’s site does not seem clear (regarding the the front coils) as to what the end result ride height would be. Also Moss’s rear springs seem a bit pricey. Anyone have any suggestions for one stop shopping for front & rear springs. Front coils need (I believe) to be a higher rate as well for the needed improved handling results. I’m looking to improve handling but still keep as a daily driver. Thanks in advance for any help here. Regards Morris556

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Steve64B Avatar
Steve64B Steve Opitz
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
1966 MG MGB
Les... your avatar says SoCal, Google spring shops.

Most of the lowered front coils are going to be at a much high spring rate. If you think your B rides like a buckboard now, wait till you go from 480 LbIn springs to 600 LbIn springs!

Find someone who can wind you a set of 480 springs that are roughly 1/2" shorter than stock and the front will ride 1" lower under load.

For the rear... contact Dave at Fab Tec and get a set of his lowering blocks. They are a 4 piece set which allow you to trim to your desired height.

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