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the omega man Avatar
the omega man phil wilkins
staffordshire, Stafford, UK   GBR
opened the garage door,looked in,everything looking pretty,closed the garage door,back in the house feeling good about all the cash i'm saving cos no immediate jobs need doing.

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feathercraft1952 Avatar
feathercraft1952 ric boles
1974 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Junkyard Dog"
1976 MG MGB "Penellope"
installed relays for headlights and thinking about upcoming frontend rebuild - i just hate shutting her down for more than a day, as soon as i do a warm winter day will popup
i think i'll wait for snow - mine will not come out with salt on the roads - and they love their salt in ky

M5150 Scott Martin
Wimauma, FL, USA   USA
1979 MG MGB
Today, I removed and replaced the wind wing rubber seal and replaced the rest of the rubber on both doors. Pretty easy and now looks great.
Will prolly have more winter projects like master cylinder and brake bleed. You gotta stop before you can go!

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DOUG1977 Avatar
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlas "RUBY"
1979 MG MGB
2004 Ford Ranger Pickup 4WD
Replaced heater control cable to shut off valve, kind of a PIA, but it's done and back together. smileys with beer

Doug 1977 MGB

73workerbee Al Monteforte
Ocean Isle Beach, NC, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
Adjusted the valves and installed a new alloy valve cover (Christmas present from my wife) and tomorrow I'll put a new dash cover (Christmas present from my grandchildren).

Be Coming Avatar
Be Coming Kelvin Dodd
So. Calif., USA   USA
Yesterday afternoon, members of the Moss tech staff had a road trip to my home where we test fitted Pace Setter exhaust systems to my 1967 GT.

The car when bought had an unused Pace Setter system that had been purchased and partially installed in 1984. This was compared to the current system and also to a take off stock type system.

The intention is to work with the manufacturer to solve the fit issues on the B.

We also did some test fitting of chrome shell grilles to the car where we found that my car had some body work done to the front left fender : (

After that, I changed the oil on my Rover SD1 and took my wife out for 1/2 price Lasagna in the car.

Sorry, the only B driving I did was moving my 1970 B out of the shop so I could put the GT on the lift.


PC290032.JPG    22.8 KB

PC290038.JPG    22.9 KB
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dbuster Avatar
dbuster Dusty Lanning
wagoner ok, USA   USA
1979 MG MGB "Whim"
Washed it and drove it! mid sixties here in Rocky Point, Oklahoma

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favedave Avatar
favedave David Church
Saint Joseph, MO, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB GT "Marilyn"
1967 MG MGB GT "Marilyn"
1995 Ford Probe "The Probe"
1995 Ford Probe
Kelvin, how'd the test fit go? I've got the rear portion of the Pacesetter Monza sitting on the floor because it will take some added bending and perhaps cutting to get it to hang properly. I've decided to hang the rear muffler first to get it to poke out the right length for aesthetics and do the tweeking with the mid muffler and pipes.
What did you learn?

GlenP Glen Phillips
1972 MG Midget "Annabelle"
1976 MG MGB "Guinness"
1977 MG Midget "Widget"
Topped off the carb dashpots, fixed a right rear turn signal problem, got it inspected (it passed), then drove the snot out of it for a half hour. It was a balmy 68 degrees.

All is right with the world. Or, at least my little corner of it.

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Bill Greenwood Avatar
Gahanna, OH, USA   USA
Discovered the Brake MC was leaking badly so removed the pedal box & started cleaning up the rusty oily mess.
Stripped down the MC & purchased a repair kit from my local MG guru.
Bore of MC feels good with no pitts so hoping new rubber will do the trick.


105_0434.JPG    40.1 KB

mgguy1976 Mike Keeney
scenic Fleetwood PA, USA   USA
1976 MG MGB
Let's see, took off the cover, went to the beer distributor (Jamaicen Red Stripe), to the hardware store, to the bank, to the grocery store, to the post office and for a few more mile cruise- 42 degrees here, great weather to have the window zipped out and hit the back roads!

29desoto Avatar
29desoto Gold Member Wayne Sanders
Outside Otis, OR - in the woods!, USA   USA
1953 MG TD
1965 MG MGB V6 Conversion "Carmine"
1968 MG MGB GT "New Yeller"
1973 MG MGB GT "Eliza - FIRST PLACE - MG2013"    & more
Drove ole Yeller down the mud covered road, to the rain soaked highway, and into town to the grocery store.

Windows fogged up like He"", but what can you do? Still can't find all the leaks in the cabin.

Wayne Sanders
Rose Lodge, OR
(TD 4288)

"I don't care to belong to any club that accepts people like me"-joined Willamette Valley Club in 2011

77 MGB - Four tone paint -Pertronix - hood props - cheap tires - new springs all around - mixture of poly and rubber bushings- fuzzy seatcovers - stereo out of old F150 pickup -runs flawlessly and drives nice.

78 MGB - Done right by a good PO, and I only bought it. Tell Jim how nice it is. But I did put in a Datsun 5 speed.

53 TD Mark II - a work in progress.

79/65 MGB - Carmine- V-6 - T-5
This car is now very nearly completely done. Sure to find something else, but not now.........

Be Coming Avatar
Be Coming Kelvin Dodd
So. Calif., USA   USA

PM sent

underdog Avatar
underdog Jim Underwood
Pittsburgh, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB
1980 Triumph TR8 "Fabulous Trashwagon"
1999 Chevrolet Corvette "Darth Vader"
1999 Chevrolet S10 "Spare Change"    & more
Yesterday I charged the battery so I could start and move it to unearth the snowblower that lives in front of it all summer. Wintertime the snowblower gets front stage. Car started and ran fine. Snowblower needed a little carb tweaking....dang crap gas these days.

jon11 Avatar
jon11 Platinum Member Jon Rosenthall
Maple, ON, Canada   CAN
1970 MG MGB MkII "Neville"
2007 BMW 525i "Fritz"
Well, two days ago I finished stripping a 1970 MGB for parts. I have a complete wire wheel conversion complete with the proper diff and full front and rear suspension. The shell is on wheels and must be picked up. Open to offers.

RDU with wheels mounted DSC_1085.JPG    27.9 KB
RDU with wheels mounted DSC_1085.JPG

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