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barrybarnes Avatar
barrybarnes Barry Barnes
Reno, NV, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB "ZoooomB"
Could well be... but I've been using them for 60 years and haven't had a problem. Admittedly, I only use them to get the battery out or put it back in. I don't even think batteries with built-on lifting straps came out until the 60s or 70s.

In reply to # 3659821 by dohc281 Using a battery carrier that attaches to the battery posts can damage the posts.

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ProfGriff Phil Griffin
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada   CAN
1972 MG MGB GT "Tangerine"
I have the same experience as Barry, except mine only spans about 40 years. ;-)


bc1997 Silver Member Brian Creel
Piedmont, SC, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB "June Bug"
took my MGB out for the first time today.

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AlmstRet Avatar
AlmstRet Gold Member Bob Stevens
Chewelah, WA, USA   USA
Now that's exciting. Congratulations!

BRG Craig Avatar
BRG Craig Craig Holmen
Sioux Falls, SD, USA   USA
1977 MG MGB
Not a dang thing! -7 digress F today in South Dakota!

Mr.Todd Todd Hendrix
Miami, FL, USA   USA
After scouring craigslist, autotrader and every other website you can think of, i found a nice looking 75 convertible for sale and just got home from looking at it. Not sure if its the one though.....gotta do more research!

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11400 Silver Member jeff p
Rockville, MD, USA   USA
1972 MG MGB "Winston"
I began a search a while ago for a suitable MGB GT for restoration. It is hard to find a rust free example on the east coast without spending an arm and a leg. Generally, if you find one described as rust free it probably has had rust repairs, some with suspect quality.

Most important to me…no rust and no repairs for rust or accidents. Cost next on the list. I have a 1972 MGB roadster I restored (I did the tear down and had a friend do minor rust repair & paint then I put it back together with new interior, then rebuilt engine utilizing Hap, Jeff, Dick and the other usual MG experts at the site) so I know what I wanted in a GT as a starting point. I have a B engine and transmission waiting for a decent car to drop right in so I can enjoy the car with that engine/tranny while I rebuild the engine/tranny that comes with the car.

I used the internet to find a fit. Ebay turns up some examples but most do not fit my basic requirements. Bring a Trailer cars are usually too expensive for my budget. The MGexperience also has some nice cars but for the most part either restored and too expensive or not fitting in my narrow parameters.

I recently took a chance and went back in the history of the “buy, sell & trade” forum on MGExperience, came across several cars & wrote to the owners. Some never replied (I assume cars have been sold) others responded. One had what looked promising and was described as rust free…but photos confirmed significant rust in the castle rails on at least one side…a no go for my parameters.

Another responded that the car was still available. The information on the forum showed photos and described the BGT as a running project. It was in Michigan…and that concerned me because of the climate and use of salt on winter roads but the car came from California…promising. The photos looked pretty good, although fuzzy. I could see what appeared to be a solid structure. I found out that the owner had picked up the car in California and drove it to Detroit…and the best part…he posted the trip on the MGExperience. I was able to find the “blog” about the trip and learned a lot about the car. The owner did a terrific job informing all who wanted to know the details of his trip. He was able to leverage other members of MGExperience along the way and got great advice.

Before, during or just after his trip he noted the following repairs or replacements:

Rebuilt front brake calipers, new rotors & pads
New starter
New water pump
New headlights
New points, rotor, cap, plugs & wires
New alternator
5 new tires and tubes
PO installed new seat covers & replaced the master brake cylinder

He also noted the car was a running, driving GT and was good enough to travel the 2,500 miles from CA to MI. The blog entries confirm the trip and the trials and tribulations experienced along the way…as well as the solutions.

He went further and described know issues:
2nd & 3rd synchro are worn
Engine is oil thirsty
Dash is cracked
Windshield is foggy
Minor body damage (due to a blowout he experienced on the way to Michigan)

Once I read the blog I decided I was interested enough to go to Detroit (where I was born and raised until 4th grade) to see the car and determine if it would fit my parameters. I asked for and received a copy of the Michigan title and using the MGE was able to find entries made by the prior California owner…a real bonus!

While all this is going on my 98 year old aunt passed away and the funeral was to be held in Detroit…making the trip there a “two birds with one stone” kind of trip. I arranged to meet the owner at the auto repair shop where he works and where the car is stored. Conveniently, there was an available lift so I could look at the underside of the car for as long as needed to understand it from the ground up.

The underside was a thing of beauty! Surface rust is a few spots but no heavy rust, no heavy undercoating but it had factory black paint undercoat, primrose and factory red oxide primer …and no evidence of accidents other than the rear fender curled under from the blow out. The years of leaking oil combined with the dry California air has kept the car in near perfect condition for a guy like me.

The topside of the car…a different story. It looks like the PPO or PPPO had someone who did not know paintwork… paint the car… with rattle cans after he gouged the surface in a few places with what looks like 60 grit paper or a grinding wheel. The worst part is they touched the chrome, stainless and glass while sanding with that grit. Pretty ugly & sad but salvageable…except the chrome, stainless, and glass will need replacement.

The seller and I came to an accord; he threw in all the parts he had accumulated that he planned to use but never did. He also did a few minor tweaks to make it ready to go from Michigan to Maryland and threw in a few quarts of oil. I figured it made the trip from California so it could probably make the shorter trip from Michigan to Maryland and I was up for the adventure.

Since I was in town with a rental car I had a dilemma…I needed to drop the rental car off at the airport and get the B title work/transportation tag so I could be on the road legally. The seller arranged his schedule to pick me up at the airport at 6:30 am and drive me back to a coffee shop where I would wait until 8:30 am when a co-worker would arrive and take me to get the title & tag stuff taken care of. At 7 am I walk into the coffee shop where there are two customers enjoying their morning joe together and two employees serving it up.

After they finished their coffee, the two customers came to my table. I have been in Detroit for less than 48 hours…and one of the guys asks me if I was at a funeral yesterday (I was). He thought I looked familiar; turns out he is the husband of one of my cousins daughter…small world. It got better. The other guy also thought I looked familiar and he was not at the funeral. He worked at the auto repair shop where I looked at the BGT two days earlier! Less than six degrees of separation!

After providing proof of insurance, I got the temporary tag and picked up the car for a road trip to Maryland. I figured if I needed help long the way I would call out other MG Experience members along my route same as the seller did on his route to Michigan.

No tools, no spares (other than what was included in the sale), just a will to get home, a credit card and a AAA card for emergency.

Turns out I had no unscheduled stops…only stopped for food, fuel and to top up the oil. Everything worked except the wiper fluid…and I had to deal with road spray. Along the way I took photos of the car at the rest stops where I fueled & topped up. While I was eating lunch, admiring my purchase, I saw an older guy taking photos all around. Like me, he likes MG’s. He is a professional photographer and a great story guy…we exchanged information before we headed out. He will send photos and I will send the story…and a photo of him taking pictures.

Overall, it was a very successful trip.

On my return home I stopped at a local car wash and used their undercarriage tool (a recent addition) to remove the salt and road grime accumulated during the 600 miles driven in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Today the doorbell rang…I got an unsolicited offer for my BGT sitting in the driveway. It is not for sale.

I like to name my cars. This one I have named “Pearl” after my 98-year-old aunt as a tribute to her and to the circumstances that formed the acquisition of this car.

Pearl…valued, precious and beautiful. Once the restoration is finished I expect the car will live up to its name.

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mgbgt at rest stop on the way home.jpg    44.2 KB
mgbgt at rest stop on the way home.jpg

mgb gt under construction.jpg    36.4 KB
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mgbgt at rest stop.jpg    35.3 KB
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mggt & photographer.jpg    60.6 KB
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mgb gt at home with winston.jpg    20.1 KB
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rpbrice Avatar
rpbrice Gold Member Patrick Brice
Hillsboro, OH, USA   USA
1974 MG MGB "The Mistress"
Too cold here in Ohio to go for a drive so I've been doing many upgrades the last couple of months:

-Replaced lap seat belts with Wesco Performance chrome buckle, 3-point seat belts and MG headrest mounted seat belt guides.
-Replaced tail light assemblies with pre 1969 dual red lens assemblies.
-Replaced front turn signal lenses with pre 1969 dual amber/clear lenses.
-Replaced OEM sealed head lights with Lucas PL700 Tripod / H4 Bulb head lights.
-Added OEM radio blanking panel when radio face plate is removed.
-Added 2 BriteLED SlimBar 7 light bars behind the grill on each side as a daytime running light/fog light. Switched via the ignition circuit.

IMG_0075.jpg    41.6 KB

IMG_0082 (1).jpg    45.5 KB
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IMG_0087 (1).jpg    44.7 KB
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IMG_0078.jpg    34.6 KB
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Cornfgl Avatar
Cornfgl Graham Cornford
Bellville, TX, USA   USA
1974 MG MGB GT V8 "Goose Poop"
Replaced the rebound straps with "strapping lad" replacement straps. Not too bad a job.

BUT! I have new bushings for the front suspension, front crossmember, and the rear suspension to do.

I have researched and can find quite a few "how too's" for the front, but little to none, for the rear, but it seems to me, that the rear bushings etc., are somewhat easier than the fronts, but how do I know, as I have never done either of these jobs before, and I am by no means a mechanic, I just dabble.

I shall tackle the rears first, so.

The first thing to ask is where to place the jack stands for the rear suspension tear down? Presumably just in front of the front spring eye bracket.
Second, will I be able to support the back axle and remove the springs independantly, replacing the bushings one side first then the other, or do I drop the axle attached to the springs, doing both sides and then reattaching the axle and springs together.

Any tips, pitfalls would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2018-01-15 05:44 PM by Cornfgl.

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ProfGriff Phil Griffin
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada   CAN
1972 MG MGB GT "Tangerine"
Hi Graham

I did the rear bushings on my 72 GT recently, without fully dropping the axle. I did the rear bushings with new shackles first, and then dropped the front. I used a big C clamp to press in the new poly bushes. I had the gas tank removed at the time, and that made the rears eminently easier. I'm tackling the full front suspension over winter as well, so we may compare notes on that!



Panheaddave Avatar
Panheaddave Silver Member Dave Prescott
Manor Lakes, Victoria, Australia   AUS
Adjusted valves on Molly and gave her a gift.
(New rocker cover)

20180117_085126.jpg    71.6 KB

20180117_094404.jpg    64.3 KB
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Mano864 Avatar
Mano864 George H
Rowville, Victoria, Australia   AUS
1972 MG MGB MkII "Sam (Samantha)"
Looking good Dave.

Mano864 Avatar
Mano864 George H
Rowville, Victoria, Australia   AUS
1972 MG MGB MkII "Sam (Samantha)"
Enjoying some lovely weather down under this week with 30 to 38c (85 to 100f).
So off to work in the B a-go-go.

Screenshot_20180116-131958.jpg    43.3 KB

Panheaddave Avatar
Panheaddave Silver Member Dave Prescott
Manor Lakes, Victoria, Australia   AUS
Cheers mate

In reply to # 3663274 by Mano864 Looking good Dave.

mgann Mike Gann
West Point, UT, USA   USA
My oil pressure flex line came in from Moss and I replaced it and went for a drive. After parking in the garage I checked for oil leakage and have solved that problem. One drip about the size of a nickel and that's it. So encouraged.

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