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My first car was a 63 B that I got for free and had to rebuild the engine before I could drive it. Sold it after college and now looking for that feeling again. Kids are in high school and now I have a little time on my hands...

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1964 MG MGB

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 83,000 mi (133,576 km) — Average age: 1964

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Strange Parts

Posted on: Sunday September 18, 2011

Here are some strange parts I picked up w an overdrive transmission this weekend in salt lake city.

Welding In The Sill

Posted on: Monday July 18, 2011

MG 058

Well after 10 weeks I am ready to weld in the drivers side sill. I have test fit everything in there about 20 times! I am finally happy with the results. I am on my third door and I think I found what what was causing the poor fits. The drivers side door had been oversprung ( the door forced open way too far by wind or someone hitting the open door). Some damage (dent) was obvious and not a concern. The door was also warped which I did not notice till I tried to align all the parts. I...

Creative Destruction

Posted on: Tuesday June 21, 2011

MG 052

Stripping the car down to the bare tub has been quite a bit of fun. It goes pretty quick so you can see lots of progress in a hurry - That's pretty satisfying. But the real fun started when I got out the air tools and started cutting away big chunks of rusted bits. The car looks better and better as it goes. I know sooner or later I will have to start putting it all back together, but for now I am just having fun.

Pulled The Trigger

Posted on: Wednesday May 4, 2011

A Colorado MGB

Well the 64B hooked me and now the fun begins. I looked at it and didn't see any reason to walk away. It was a good car with a list of issues but the price seemed right. Still I told him I'd think about. A week went by and I was still thinking. There is significant rust, but the body isn't sagging in the middle. The doors close OK, and the hood and trunk are perfect. The engine seems original and there chrome is in really good shape. I think thr dry air in colorado helps keep things from...

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