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1969 MG MGB GT Red R SS

1969 MG MGB GT


1971 MG MGB GT

1973 MG MGB Guards Red R SS

1973 MG MGB

2003 Saturn Vue

4 Vehicles — Total mileage: 464,111 mi (746,914 km) — Average age: 1979
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Needed Repairs / Replacements

Posted on: Sunday September 24, 2006

This entry covers all repair and replacement work that I don't consider to be routine maintenance. In some cases - such as the emergency jumpering of wiring in order to get the lights working - the repair is due to malfeasance on the part of the PO. Others such as the slave/master cylinder replacements - are almost maintenance issues and may not belong in this entry. Items on this list are things already done. New items will be added as found and fixed. Trunk and door locks - PO had no ...

Maintenance Items

Posted on: Sunday September 24, 2006

This is to keep a running tab of "maintenence" work done to Blasphemer. Basically, this entry will cover work that has to be done to any car to keep it on the road. Much of this may have been done by the PO before I took ownership, but.... Adjusted valves (cold): 1,8,4,5 = .015; 2,3,6,7 = .013 Timing: 15 deg. @ 1500 Adjusted carbs Bosch Platinum plugs: .025 Points (.015, dwell 61%), condensor New cap and rotor Sport coil - not really needed, but t...

First MGB In 20 Years....

Posted on: Sunday September 24, 2006

Blasphemer Photo from Ebay

After a 20-year hiatus, I've gotten back into B's in a big way. I've spent the past year or so getting my sea legs and refreshing myself on these cars. One of the things I always liked about the B is the ability to do most if not all the needed work myself. Even when they're running perfectly they're fun to tinker with. So - What to do? I looked endlessly at the offerings in the local papers and what offerings there were, were either over-priced or rusted out - or both. Finally, I reso...

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2010-09-08 mgb Front Crossmember and Suspension Removal Service:Suspension and Wheels 5

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