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MG owner since 1978, when bought first 1966 B. Had a '69, then a '72, and now have a restored '66 that I will keep forever. Active with Keystone Region MG Club and the British Car Club of the Lehigh Valley. Served two terms as vice chairman of the North American MGB Register.

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1966 MG MGB Tartan Red Kim de Bourbon

1966 MG MGB

1980 MG MGB Yellow Kim de Bourbon

1980 MG MGB
"Yellow B"

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 331,696 mi (533,813 km) — Average age: 1973

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My M G B History

Posted on: Saturday September 10, 2005

My 1969 MGB Bloomsburg Pa 1981

1966 MGB -- GHN3L74255 -- Tartan Red Sept. 6, 1978 - July 24, 1980 I walked nonchalantly into the world of MGBs on Sept. 6, 1978, when I bought a 1966 MGB with 40,000 miles on it for $695 -- including a hard top -- from W and L Sports Cars, Inc., in Northumberland, Pa. My boyfriend saw an ad in the paper, and thought it would make a nice car for me. I didn't have a clue. We went to look at it, and I don't think I even drove it around the block. I handed over a check and dro...

MGB Experience At MG2006

Posted on: Sunday July 2, 2006

Blake Sonnier Blake Louisiana

Members of the MGB Experience had a special gathering at MG 2006, the all-register MG convention held June 21-25, 2006, in Gatlinburg, Tenn. While some members of the MGB Experience forum had gotten together in small groups and met informally before over the years, this was the first time a "formal" get-together was arranged, and certainly the largest gathering of members to date. A crowd of 100 people attended the event at the Glenstone Lodge picnic pavilion on Thursday, June 20, includ...

6,725 Miles Cross-Country In A 1966 MGB

Posted on: Saturday July 1, 2006

Love the road? Like to feel "one" with your car? Try driving 6,725 miles across the country and back in a vintage MGB. You'lll see some of our nation"s most spectacular scenery from your open cockpit, and by the time you hoist yourself out at night, you'll swear that you're more comfortable on four wheels than two legs. THE DRIVE OF A LIFETIME Our trip to Olympia, Wash., for MG 2005 was the drive of a lifetime. Charles and I left our home on the eastern edge of Pennsylvania on Thursday, Ju...

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2006-04-05 mgb How To Get a Good Wrinkle Paint Finish Body and Paint 12
2006-04-04 mgb MGB Dash Removal Mysteries Restoration 22

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