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1967 MG MGB PRIMROSE Warren Siringer

1967 MG MGB

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1967 MG MGB GT

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1971 MG MGB GT

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1974 MG MGB

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Rear End

Posted on: Saturday March 10, 2018

Took off the drums to check the brakes too tight. One shoe on wrong. Noticed oil starting to drip out of the side that was a little lower than the other. Ended up removing the rear end to have it cleaned inside and all new seals. It had sat for the last 25 years so seals are probably pretty bad. Put the new seat belts in. Getting warm enough now to get back to work finishing the restoration.


Posted on: Friday November 10, 2017

Removed the plug that was in the wrong oil hole, drilled and tapped and put new plug in the right place. Put it all back together and would not fire. Turns out there were lock washers under the heat shield stuck to the back of the gaskets. Removed and it fired up in less than 2 seconds. Ran smooth for the 20 minutes. Removed temporary fuel supply and using brake clean and air pressure cleared the clogged fitting at the fuel tank. Finally cleared at 135 psi. Towed it back home and changed t...

Oil Cooler Lines

Posted on: Sunday November 5, 2017

Readjusted rear oil cooler line to clear distributor and rerouted oil pressure line. Went through 3 ignition switches before one worked well. Buffed and waxed the body. New Lucas switches are junk. Good thing I had an original Lucas switch. Should be ready for startup Wednesday at Ernie's.. Perfect working weather in the high seventies and low eighties.


Posted on: Sunday October 29, 2017

Finally got the brakes bled this week. Master cylinder had the modified innards in the original body. Switched out and works great. Clutch bled. Put in passenger seat and finished installing the grill today. Boot lid seal has finally settled in so closes great. Mounted coolant recovery tank and looks good, just need to route hose. Overflow hoses for carb bowls tomorrow,

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