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I've a 76'layland(i.e. refrigerator)white MGB.its de-smogged with a webber dgv.its a daly driver and my weekend cruser, as its the first car ive bought myself, and i cant afford, or want, anything else.

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1976 MG MGB Layland White Bobby Russo

1976 MG MGB
"Em, Or "Big White Shark"

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 69,000 mi (111,045 km) — Average age: 1976

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Let Me Roll It Baby, Let Me Roll It

Posted on: Thursday September 20, 2007


Holy bodyt roll, batman! Two tires that arent tire-ing!

The Spring Is Broken...

Posted on: Wednesday April 11, 2007

Remeber that last entry? about spring being near? man, i got that wrong! It isnt snowing anymore... (is just a lil north of here though) but its still damn cold! just enough of a chill to be uncomfortable. im considering buying a new soft top... man, this choice is nerve wracking... i have no idea who to buy from. i think im gonna use one of the moss dealers... i still havent gotten that top down day. im very... antsy. -Bobby p.s. wow, i must not wanna write today... this i...

The Calm Before The Spring

Posted on: Wednesday March 7, 2007

Haha. yes. Spring is threatning to start soon. (even though... it snowed today... but still) Last weekend was... interesting. I rebuilt the brake servo (it can be done! its not... that hard.) And put on a new brake master cylinder. fun stuff. oh boy. first off, i had no idea how to bench bleed the BMC. and the Haynes repair manual says nothing about any of that, so, i mounted everything, hooked it all up, filled it with fluid... and pumped and bled it to no avail for about an hour. took it ...

A Bad Omen...

Posted on: Sunday August 6, 2006

i just had a completly trouble-free week, and weekend. somethings gotta give, its been to long. and i washed it, that never brings good luck! oh well. what ever it is, ill handle it, i always do. in the mean time... what a weekend. i did things and hung out with people i dont usually, all with the MG and her top down. glorous. nice, cool at night, and clear. this is MG weather. something fun about watching all the people my age goin around with cheap japanese cars, and suv's. ...

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2007-01-09 mgb Gas Gauge Adjustment on the MGB Service:Carburetors and Fuel 7

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