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1972 MG MGB Bronze Yellow Joan Trejo

1972 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB Tundra Joan Trejo

1974 MG MGB

1990 Ford Mustang

3 Vehicles — Total mileage: 226,000 mi (363,712 km) — Average age: 1979

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I Have Ordered A New Stow-away Top !

Posted on: Wednesday April 4, 2018

I finally was able to work on my cars on Monday as the shop was not very cold. I have decided to re paint the brackets that install on the body of the car to hold the stow-away frame. I was also able to finish up on installation of the angle bracket of the speedometer. On Godzilla I found a lost screw that needed to hold the float bowl on the HIF 4 carburetor. ,couldn't find the damper pot oil though, found that yesterday. A sale on the type of top I wanted for the stow-away top fra...

Replacing Lost Part On Agatha

Posted on: Saturday December 30, 2017

Christmas time was very busy this year with lots of family visiting my husband and I. I did end up with some Christmas cash that I put good use to buy a lost HIF 4 linkage on my 1972 restoration. I have no idea what happen to the linkage, it vanished without a trace, I spent hours looking through all my old parts (not going to get rid of ANYTHING , until done ), no sign. I am now starting to review info on tuning the HIF 4 carburetors, I have a set on both the cars. I plan to talk to my car cl...

Summer Time Work On The Cars.

Posted on: Thursday June 15, 2017

I've been busy with garden, home and playing seeing eye wife to my husband. Slowly getting back to working on the cars. Agatha is getting ready for the cockpit rail to be recovered. On Godzilla , I've been trying to get it to start, took out the starter, got it tested, it is good. The battery is new and I'm just working on the wiring, the starter switch is good too. I will be ordering a new fuse box and ignition switch . I did finish cleaning up and replacing gaskets on Godzilla's carburetor...

Rebuilding HIF 4 Carburetors On Godzilla

Posted on: Sunday January 29, 2017

I finally put fuel in Godzilla's tank, ran fuel pump for awhile to flush out old debris and gas from the gas line. Hooked up fuel filter and the carburetors, tried starting engine. No start, rear carburetor leaking a lot of fuel. The car came with a bunch of spare parts including two HIF 4 carb rebuild kits , previous owner was looking to do this job so I agree that I will too ! The starter issue will wait a little while. It is exciting to learn another skill , I have both books and the intern...

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