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My original MG is my 1972 Midget which I have owned from new and since restored from the ground up. I can also lay claim to a couple of 1967 Rover 200TC's. The Rovers are non runners and only 600 cars apart by s/n, .
In October of 2011 a nice "driver quality" 1969 MGC GT followed me home from Baltimore Md. Some fine tuning and fettling were needed to make the car good for long distance cruising, but as of now all is good with this new addition to the family. The two MG's will be used extensively for shows and tours in the years to come with some minor upgrades planned for the GT.

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1969 MG MGC GT White Andrew Hardie

1969 MG MGC GT
"Mr "C"
1972 MG Midget MkIII Flame Red Andrew Hardie

1972 MG Midget MkIII

2 Vehicles — Total mileage: 139,689 mi (224,808 km) — Average age: 1971
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My 1972 RWA

Posted on: Wednesday January 19, 2011

ABFM Vancouver B C

I have had many folks ask for pictures of my car, so I hope this will give all a chance to see what I've done to the car and how it looks at the beginning of 2011. Please PM me with any questions or comments, and thanks for your interest.

My Moment Of "celebrity"

Posted on: Wednesday June 3, 2009

waiting for the crew

Shaw Cable in Calgary did a segment called "Enthusiast" hosted by Grant Hill a few years ago. He spent a couple hours with me an my MG and a videographer putting together what would be a 2 minute piece for local cable. He featured 26 cars, some as exotic as Lambo's, ex Gallo (of wine fame)Rolls and a Merc 300SL Gullwing, and my little Midget. It ran several times a day for about three months. Not many people I know saw the piece, but I have had a few comments on the car as a result from strange...

2009 Vancouver ABFM

Posted on: Wednesday June 3, 2009

Vancouver B C Van Deusen Gardens ABFM 2009

We made the trek west in the company of a friend and his '73 'B' for this year's ABFM, and went on to Vancouver Island afterward. We took the time to explore the wonderful sportscar roads that B.C has to offer along the entire route, staying off the trans Canada Highway as much as possible all the way from Calgary and back again.

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