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Handling Suspension

Rob Van Gorder   USA — Posted on The MG Experience
Wednesday April 19, 2017 7:24 AM

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2017-04-20 00:00:09 # 41761
Comment by Rob Illingworth
Yes, it will handle worse as you are effectively raising the center of gravity making the car want to lean more in a corner. How much you will notice this, I don't know. Most people who want to make a vehicle handle better will move the center of gravity down if possible, particularly with a rubber bumper MGB.
2017-04-21 14:24:23 # 41814
Comment by jim WHITLEY
The Voice of experience: I sodomized my bugeye. I put a 302 ford in it was so far (no drive shaft) back i had to cut a full coil off the front springs. then I put 240z IRS in it was perfect nice rake. It was horrible, you let go the wheel in a turn it wanted to turn more. There is no caster adjustment on sprite/midgets I had to cut the front Xmember and adjust the caster that way.
2017-04-28 04:14:26 # 41955
Comment by Graham Prosser
The question must be why anyone would wish to raise the ride height on a B unless the springs have actually collapsed. There is actually reasonable ground clearance on a standard B of between 4 and 5 inches.This thread might lead to some useful information for you:,1732770
2017-04-28 12:42:44 # 41966
Comment by jim WHITLEY
MGB? ? ?.... Got to know my soon to be first wife, in the rain, top up. You can't lead an aluminum hood, the boss hated bondo, If MGB's have adjustable caster it should be OK unless you drive like a dot com. I took my 57 Ranchero into Big O Tires for alignment, They didn't have shims, I went home and got some, then they didn't know what caster was? I saw a lot of talk about oil filters, Cars didn't have them until 50's, Some times we could tap into a oil passage and run a little copper tube to a filter the return line went back to the crank case. 10% filtered? Don't join the army. Don't marry a Cat Lady, You can't file bankruptcy on the IRS! The DMV took my license, ZZZ at the wheel. Don't drive on tires over 6 years old. Please buy my Buick 300. I'm asked "do you know a good mechanic ? ? ? ? ? NO" I'm getting a child rapist sent to San Quintin (child under 14) 5 felonies. If you add them all up it's 25 years. He's a 20 y/o redhead. CAN'T YOU JUST FEEL THE LOVE.

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