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Day one of our trip in th B to Brits in Paradise gathering in Key Wesr. The car took the first leg of the trip pretty well, a steady 75lbs oil pressure and the motor purred like a kitten. Jumped on the auto train at Lorton VA to kill 900 miles off the drive. Dinner with some old biddies time for some beer. Can't wait frr the drive in the sunshine to the Keys in the morning. 5:45 am sleep was a little rough, 3 hours until we are reunited with the B. So we got the B about 9:25 and headed south to the Keys. This 16 gallon gas tank is amazing my first stop I filled up with 13 gallons which was...

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20180422 123125
I recently built a test bed for the T16 engine using my spare rebuilt B series engine as the "mule" to set out the dimensions of the engine mounts and cross member. After problems working out how to mount the T16 in the test bed using the "standard" engine mounts I eventually managed to bodge it with a couple of Spridget mounts, mounted the radiator, fan, made an exhaust down pipe, sorted out the wiring harness for the MEMs ECU system, got the pipes made for a remote oil filter, and bought and fitted a second hand starter motor all of which took me at least a fortnight. I decided to test the ...

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Initial assessment: Engine is locked up. I found no hardware. Oil pan is removed. Everything seems to be there except; radio console, glove box, 1 wiper Brake pedal goes to the floor, and oil on the driver's floor. Interior is not original but will work ok. Odometer reads 91139. Tires are good, but LF goes flat in 8 hrs. There is a good spare. Battery is disconnected. The condition of all the wiring and switches is unknown. Dash idiot lights are broken. Gauges seem ok. Top is no good. Glass is all good. Pass window crank is broken. Lights; no rear lenses on tail lights, side mar...

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Suspension is shot from being improperly suspended
After sitting in a St Charles, MO garage since 1982, I convinced myself to free the MG from its state of disrepair. A deal was struck!


Fuel Sending Unit Before reconditioning
Fuel Tank Replacement & Reconditioning the Sending Unit


New vs Old What a difference
Swapping out the sagging Motor Mounts - New vs Old


It s ALIVE and loud since there is NO exhaust
Engine starts after new fuel fed from canister!


Flange worn down by grinding against Yoke
Had to replace the front Driveshaft Flange, Yoke & both U-Joints because the original owner did not notice that the U-Joint retainer clip was missing. As a result of many miles of driving in that condition, the needle bearings were ground down to nothing causing the driveshaft to wobble around pretty badly and causing serious damage to the yoke & flange.


The only way to replace it is to remove the Driver
Replace E-Brake cable


20171112 Rear Brake Hose Installed
Rear Brake Hose Installed


Dismantling Stage 1
In order to determine if the engine would start, I had to remove a few components.


Zenith Stromberg Single 150 CD4
I gave the Carburetor (Zenith-Stromberg Single 150 CD4) some needed TLC (no rebuild, just cleaning and a once over)


20170821 MG in Medinah Ct Driveway 2
After unloading it from the dolly and power washing the exterior, engine bay & under carriage. No rust because of all the oil leaks!


IF YOU ARE IN THE MG CAR CLUB YOU'LL GET THIS THROUGH YOUR DOOR IN THE JUNE 2018 ISSUE OF SAFETY FAST, SO YOU MIGHT WANT TO WAIT! My MG story began in 1981 with the purchase of a 1978 MGB GT: DVV 350T; the second I saw and the first I drove. It wasn’t long before I found the MG Car Club at the Milton Natter near Cambridge, and later the new Natters near Bury St Edmunds and Watton which bought me valued friendships that have lasted to this day and are rekindled at MG Live Silverstone every year. A Cambridge Natter trip to the Luxembourg Weekend in 1982 with David Saunders (then T Regis...


Seen in the UK furthest from home 2 Norwegian ca
For a while now I’ve been photographing the pull-handle cars I’ve seen in the UK and noting ones for sale on the web. I tabulated the results and I have seen 55% of them. Having seen this many, here are a few statistics that are probably not far from the truth: Of the 151 road cars: 37% are Tartan Red. 27% are Iris Blue. 18% are British Racing Green. 11% are Old English White. 4% are Black I have only seen 2 Chelsea Grey cars. Only 5 cars were not a factory colour – White over Brown (Old Speckled Hen colours!), Primrise, Dark Blue, Silver and a Coune Coupe in what I think w...

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