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Got the wheels done, look great! Taking the car to its first show on June 23 at the YMCA. We'll see how we do...

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IMG 3431
Hood/bonnet catches now in place on Nicholson C GT, adaption of Classic Mini original part, separate external release for both.

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The back end of Ronny (Veronica) has been saggy since I got her. Clearing speed bumps, bottoming out on corners and generally tired of looking at more sky than road (exaggerated) finally brought me to the realization that the springs need work. After much searching and deliberation on the various alternatives, I decided to have the springs re-set. Found Brian Robinson (Suspension Supplies Australia, Northgate, Brisbane) who has a wealth of experience working on old English cars, and knows how to re-set leaf springs to the correct height, or whatever height you wish. Made the biggest change to ...

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I've taken the engine and gearbox out for the second time. The original reason was to replace the clutch assembly and thrust bearing. The original carbon block had worn down to a nib and started to wear into the metal surround. Replaced the throwout bearing with a roller type, much better feel. But the noise at the fron of the box / back of the engine was still there. And the oil leak was worse after replacing the main oil seal. The crank had a slight groove around where the oil seal sits, so on advice, put on a speedisleeve. Went on easy enough, and there is enough clearance between the engi...


CCI06162018 0001
We've been to this show 3 of the last 4 years, and with the car running better than ever, and the promise of good weather, why not go again? The Greater Ozark British Motor Car Club puts the show on. I've described it in other journal posts, but it starts with a parking lot cookout on Friday night, then a show at the Carthage, MO town square, and awards banquet on Saturday, and finishes up with a breakfast at a historic home in Carthage Sunday morning. The car ran great for the 146 mile trip up Route 66 from Tulsa to Carthage. The GOBMC club were tremendous hosts, as always. Between...


Test drive
I took this past Wednesday off work to try to get a big long list of things done. The list was a bit ambitious (as always) but I managed to tick a few things off and wound up stalled on a few others. A few weeks back I was driving around town when the throttle in Orson stuck open. It was a little alarming and annoying but the cable eventually freed up. Not wanting to repeat that outing I decided it needed a little attention so I spent the morning replacing the throttle cable and blasting/painting the pedal. I also found I didn't have the return spring connected. Took it for a quick test dr...


IMG 1998
Slowwww progress in the summer: I need to stop complaining about that.. These are from a couple weeks ago and I havent gotten any farther. The area where the flap on the castle rail meets the vertical footwell panel and the toe board area was a total mess. First I cut out a section of the splash guard bolt flange and made a new piece out of my old floor board w/ the captive seat nut, just as I had done on the drivers side. I then made a patch to overlap the bolt flange and slide underneath the castle rail vertical flap so that I could seam weld the two. Then you can see to the r...


MGB 41
Well had the cross-member blasted and powder-coated. Very pleased with the outcome especially as he used a special blasting nozzle to get inside the cavities so its all now coated.Cost me £110


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I was doing some engine compartment detailing when I accidentally discovered that my radiator filler plug was brass under all the oxidation. My OCD kicked in and I was off to discover what else might be brass. An hour or so later I was cleaning the manifold connector to the EGR valve and the heater box valve (which wound up being a project all on it’s own - I had to replace an o-ring in that as well).


Cusworth Hall for the Safety Fast magazine photosh
My MG story began in 1981 with the purchase of a 1978 MGB GT: DVV 350T; the second I saw and the first I drove. It wasn’t long before I found the MG Car Club at the Milton Natter near Cambridge, and later the new Natters near Bury St Edmunds and Watton which bought me valued friendships that have lasted to this day and are rekindled at MG Live Silverstone every year. A Cambridge Natter trip to the Luxembourg Weekend in 1982 with David Saunders (then T Register registrar), Tony Shaw (Twin Cam etc. owner) and Maurice Favell (a master craftsman of MG ash frame bodies who, alas, is no longer...


On 6/9/18 it finally came back to life. I only needed to put a new battery in and replace the throttle cable that broke. It sounds great and strong. Next step is to figure out the breaks. To be continued......


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The Alllis Chalmers muffler has grown on me. Decided to clean up the look a bit. Recessed it a little farther under the bumper and trimed the outlet pipe down to 6” to match the chrome tip. Against my better judgement I painted it black with high temp ceramic paint - I know that may come back to haunt me later (if the paint starts to wear).


Gonzo outside Yorkshire s oldest Train Station
I took the plunge and bought my second TF in February 2016, after just 13 months ownership of my daily driver Pearl Black TF135, but also following 33 years of Abingdon MGAs, MGBs and a solitary Sprite (actually Arkley bodied). I was looking for a nice blue TF, preferably Sonic or Monogram Celestial. Celestial was actually the colour of the first TF I seriously looked at when I went for my Pearl Black car and it might have been my first TF, except it was overpriced by perhaps £800. As well as wanting a rare colour I fancied a 160 which cut down an already small percentage of the availabl...


Seen in the UK furthest from home 2 Norwegian ca
As the owner of AER 155B, a 1964 MGB, I have more than a passing interest in early pull door handle Mk1 MGB, and so for a while now I’ve been photographing the pull-handle cars I’ve seen in the UK and noting ones for sale on the web whenever I see them. I tabulated the results of the data for the cars in the UK and I have probably seen 60% of them. Having seen this many, here are a few statistics that are probably not far from the truth: Of the 173 road cars: 38% are Tartan Red. 27% are Iris Blue. 16% are British Racing Green. 10% are Old English White. 3% are Black I have onl...


Gearbox cleaned up from years of grease and road d
I've had a very unproductive couple of weeks just faffing around not doing very much! I decided last week that I needed to get the engine and box out so that I can fix the leaks in the gearbox. This weekend I pulled them both out and I will get on with replacing leaking seals and any servicing that may need doing. So I have put a message in the forum asking for any suggestions. With the gearbox on the floor, degreaser followed by a jet wash got most of the embedded crusty gunge of the box, very satisfying. Gave the overdrive solenoid unit a good clean up and refresh, with new O rings and a ...

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