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IMG 1954
I've been busy with some honey-do projects such as painting in the house, etc. I've been spending time in the garage, but the MG is covered up with plastic. I've been working on my nice-day DD, a much unloved GM FWD car, Chevy Beretta GT. I don't care what other people think, I like it. New struts, strut bearings, shocks, shock mounts, motor mounts, tires, and much more. I had like 5 or 6 defective struts so it took forever with shipping back and forth. So finally now that its back on the road, I cleaned the garage up and got ready to work on installing the Heritage cross member in ...

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IMG 2426
After a lot of cleaning and painting engine compartment is looking better, its amazing how much time you can spend just in details !!

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IMG 2374
Was not very sure about the hard top, but after installed it did changed the look of the car "Love the new look "

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This week the car goes off to a place in West Bend to be blasted with little plastic beads. I still have a few small things to do, but one of the last big ones got done today. The dash is now off from the car and sitting on the shelf. I read a lot of stories about how difficult taking the dash off is to do. Some of the stories mentioned the later dashes being easier. Another benefit to buying an 80, I guess. The process wasn't too difficult. The worst of the nuts to get off was between the tach and speedo, but even that wasn't as bad as some other problem nuts and bolts I've dealt w...


75 Resurrection
Spent the last while creating my work shop. The shop had to accommodate future saved retirement projects. A two post hoist was the focus of vehicle required workspace and a M/C lift table . Maximum storage was utilized with racking and shop separation for egress during winter excursions .


Holy Crap. Talk about overwhelming... Went to the British Car Swap Meet & Sale in Wheaton, IL on Saturday. What a blast! Met some AMAZINGLY knowledgeable guys & bought some much needed bling for my suffering little Midge. As you can see by my pictures, the prior owner painted everything that was shiny, red. I, to say the least, HATE that, so I'm hunting to restore all the brightwork. I got almost everything in one place, & I only spent about $190 for a trunk full of chrome headlight trim rings, taillights with lenses & gorgeous chrome, TWO hood moldings (more on that in a minute) fron...


Lucas Opus Nasty
March 11, 2018 I got a good full day in yesterday. I had been thinking about the new timing light, and the fact that the timing mark was jumping around when I was trying to set the timing on the MGB. I did some research since the last time I worked on the car, and it all came back to the distributor. So... Yesterday, I pulled the distributor from the car and broke it down as far as I could. With it all apart, I tried to clean as much as I could. Really, it needed to be blasted, but I didn’t want a mess, and I don’t have a cabinet yet for that kind of work. So I used the wire wheel...


I was remiss in entering some updates from over th last few weeks, so I’ve done that tonight and backdated the posts... I ordered a replacement flex hose for the line going to the oil sending unit and it arrived this week. I also ordered a new turn signal switch as the original one was jacked up. I spent a little time trying to fit the new switch and found that it doesn’t quite fit the same. I’ll have to have a go at that when I have a free Saturday... maybe next weekend. I’ve also done more research and I now suspect a different leak I’ve been seeing at the overdrive is actual...


March 5, 2018 I worked on the MGB today. Jacked her up, removed the old parking brake cable and put in the new one. I’ve hardly set any tension and it’s working pretty well. It is way under tightened than the old one. So, that’s good. Lots of room for adjustment.


Right off the B
Wow, been a long time since I wrote anything here. In the last year, I’ve bought tires, replaced all the rubber hoses in the engine compartment, pulled the Zenith Stromberg carb and rebuilt it, and also replaced the brake booster. That is a very brief overview of a heck of a lot of work. I’ve had her on her own feet and driven her around the block a couple times and down the street to put gas in her. Very nice to have “Sweet B” running and on the road. I’ve been dealing with a high idle and a vacuum leak, all dealt with so far thanks to a lot of research and reading here on MGE...


Happily found a 1974 MGB. Now in the market for a couple of spanners!


I was only 20 when I owned this B. I guess I was pretty hard on it because I rebuilt the transmission twice. I found out later that I could of bought a new transmission for less than what I paid for parts. I used to carry so many tools and parts in the trunk that I replaced all the short leafs in the springs with long ones. I also installed home made ladder bars on the rear. I picked up a wrecked 67 Datsun 2000 and swapped the engine and transmission into the B. This engine was longer and I moved the stearing rack forward. That presented some interesting problems that I got worked out. I owned...


Well, a man's GOT to know his limitations. I certainly know mine, so off she goes, my sexy little redhead, to a local shop for all new brakes, clutch, carb rebuilds & tuneup. And anything else that will prevent me from enjoying a lovely drive without breaking down. Or dying. Yes.... I choose to LIVE, dammit! I had intended to do 90% of the work myself, learning & making mistakes as I go, and that is still my intention. Unfortunately, replacing an entire braking system is beyond me, even on this simple little car. Shoes, rotors & such? Yes. ALL new lines, master cylinder, proper ro...


After many trips to the Ace Hardware store and returning with springs that were too weak, or too strong, I sent an email to Peter Martin. That resulted in an order for the correct accelerator spring and also for the hose from the valve cover to the air cleaner. His spring is just right. The hose has been installed and the engine runs like a Swiss watch. I also installed two 12V LED bulbs # 1895 for $4.90 plus free shipping from Amazon for the license plate in the rear and attached the new Oregon license plate in order to legally drive the ZB - as soon as the weather warms up. I...


MGB 009 1
The other day I discovered a water leak in the iron elbow (#38) in the lower rad hose on the CBB GT. It was leaking at the threaded nipple (#40) for the heater hose. When I removed the hose nipple I discovered that the paper/fiber gasket (#41) had perished. To give that connection a more permanent fix I used a bonded washer instead of the fiber gasket. A bonded washer is a metal washer with an o-ring bonded into the inside diameter. Problem solved. A bonded washer can be obtained from McMaster-Carr, Grainger, eBay, or most any auto parts store. The part I used is a Perkins part number ...

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