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2017-08-16: Garage Find With Years Of Dust!

Gerry K   USA — Posted on The MG Experience
Sunday April 22, 2018 9:12 PM

Suspension is shot from being improperly suspended

Suspension is shot from being improperly suspended at front left tire and no where else! Compressed springs! Bad!

Prior owner tinkered but didn t quite know what to

Prior owner tinkered but didn't quite know what to do under hood or with electrical.

Interior looks great But pretty much every electr

Interior looks great! But pretty much every electrical switch doesn't work!

The engine bay is in need of some major TLC

The engine bay is in need of some major TLC!

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2018-04-23 21:33:05 # 49853
Comment by Thomas Basey
Looks like some radiator hose customizations there. The main hose from the thermostat shouldnt pass OVER the alternator, and what is that connector with wires on the same hose? Looks fairly solid though - and thats often the hardest thing to find. Good luck!
2018-04-24 17:26:01 # 49870
Comment by Gerry K
Thanks for looking things over.The prior owner didn't properly fit the radiator hose between the radiator & alternator. In a later journal entry, you'll see that I resolved that issue.Also, the "wires on the same hose" are actually vacuum hoses connected to a therm-vac switch! This was a MG fix in Technical Service Bulletin 75-A-6 to address overheating issues. It is not found in the workshop manual.I eliminated the therm-vac switch for the moment and will see how it runs without it.
2018-04-24 18:08:06 # 49871
Comment by Thomas Basey
Never knew thats what they looked like - learn something new every day. I had heard that the 75 model had some overheating issues, but I was told the 76 (mine) and above had extra holes in the lower front valence to help. Mine has never had overheating issues, and I know some 75 owners who havent either (assuming you dont take it up to 65 on the highway for any length of time - were all back road 55 or less drivers).
2018-04-24 19:47:22 # 49872
Comment by Gerry K
Check out today's Journal entry ( for comparison of engine bay then and now!

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