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MG TC Spindle / WW Hubs / Wheels ???

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Dan Lockwood Avatar
O'Fallon, MO, USA   USA
Good afternoon... smiling smiley

I'm in the process of acquiring a set of TC spindles for an upcoming car project that will be Harley V-Twin powered running through a Miata 5-spd with a widened MG Midget rear axle assembly.

So I'll be running wire wheels in the 2.5" x 19" or 18" variety. The 18" may give me a bit more selection in available 4.00" tires.

I will have a solid front axle of my own design fitted with the TC spindles. Since I'm running the Midget rear splined hubs and had planned on the Midget spindles up front before I went the TC route, I would like to stay with the same wheels front and rear.

Now to the questions.

Will the shorter Midget wire wheel hubs fit on the TC spindle splined hubs?

MWS International has the TC wheels listed as fitting a #42 spline, the same as the Midget. Some of the Midget guys tried to use MGB wire wheels and they fit, but the wheel hubs were too long and only left a few threads for the knockoffs.

If so, I would just purchase new TC splined hubs and work out a good way to attach possibly a set of Spitfire rotors and adapt to Wilwood 2-piston aluminum calipers.

If the Midget wheels will NOT fit the TC splined hubs, I plan to turn down the outer bearing spindle area to receive the outer Midget bearings. I would also change the taper between the bearing races to smooth it out. I would also use a tube spacer to gain that strength advantage. I'm not worried about breaking a spindle.

Either way I'm going to have to make a caliper mount plate, but with the Midget I would just use the 8.25" diameter Midget rotors and move on with the Wilwood calipers.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all and have a great weekend.

Dan Lockwood
O'Fallon MO

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Kaklemmer Avatar
Kaklemmer Kenneth Klemmer
Farmington Hills, MI, USA   USA
1948 MG TC "Gigi"
1957 MG MGA 1500 Coupe "Ginger"
2005 Lotus Elise "Stirling"
2012 Mazda MX-5 NC "Joanie"    & more
Hi Don, you may not be aware but the original TC front spindles have a very high incidence of cracks and failure. So if you’re considering old ones, I would rethink that and get new ones from Bob Grunau or go a different route.

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ragtc Avatar
ragtc Bob Grunau
Mississauga, ON, Canada   CAN
Dan, I think MG Midget hubs. MGB Hubs and MG TC wheel hubs are all the same length and will fit TC front wire wheel hubs. Yes if using used TC front steering knuckles you should crack test them on the lower inside where the oil seal washer is located. Many are cracked and I do a repair. For sure use the bearing spacer and a tight nut. If you email me directly I can probably help. Bob Grunau,
or call 905-274-4136

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