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Finishing Tank Back and upper and lower cross members

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Stephenwolf Stephen M
Lakewood, WA, USA   USA
OK you Wizards of the TD World:
I have managed to take off the tank back along with the top and bottom cross members. I have purchased new wood from Abington and am ready to start putting thngs back together. My first question is how best to finish the wood to preserve it, (not that it will ever be abused) and secondly there are two half inch in diameter holes about 1 1/4 inches from the either end of the bottom cross member and 5/8 inches from the tank board. Does anyone know what they are for? I don't intend to leave them out you understand, just curious as to their purpose. I have tried to down load pictures as before with no success. There are a couple of kindergartners living a couple of houses away and I will see if they would be willing to help the old fart on the corner with a little technical problem. Any info on the preceding would be most appreciated.


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TD4834 Avatar
TD4834 Bill Chasser
Sacramento, CA, USA   USA
1950 MG TD
1951 MG TD MkII
I use a clear polyurethane to seal the wood. The holes are to mount the rear of the tub to the chassis

Bill Chasser

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