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Exquisite "TF" Debut

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Gregory7500 Gregory Serduke
LaGrange, IL, USA   USA
TF #7350 will be center stage for the 70th anniversary SCCA Gala at Ferrari of Lake Forest, Il on Chicago's prestigious North Shore. The car will be displayed on a turntable to pay homage to the roots of the Sports Car Club of America. The owner has been an SCCA member for 65 years. I am including a list of modifications that he requested. I started with a bare frame. The fit and finish of everything is spectacular. I am including some basic pictures. Any additional information about the unique modifications I have made or pictures pertaining to will be provided.

• Oil cooler inside grill cavity with custom made mounts
• Armored cooler hoses
• 9/16th sway bar
• Hi and low 125 db @horns
• Maintenance free steering rack
• Koni adj shock-absorbers on all 4 corners
• Lower “A” arms converted to silent block bushings on inner pivots
• Rear leaf springs “TD”
• Removable upper side panels (bonnet-hood)
• Unique lower access louvered panels mounting system
• Alvin high performance brake drums
• Original engine (1500)
• Carrillo rods; Laystall head (Alum); High comp pistons; Ceramic coated crowns
Teflon coated on thrust skirt
• Floating wrist pins
• All mains and rods precision fitted with .001 clearance
• All reciprocating components weight matched to 1/10th of a gram
• Roller cam (high performance)
• Freeze plugs sealed with JB weld
• Crankshaft rear Archimedes scroll welded and ground for 2 piece Chevy V8 seal
• Thermostat by pass eliminated
• Crank and flywheel with pressure plate balanced as one unit and marked
• MGB fan
• Diaphragm clutch
• Datsun 5 speed transmission
• Drive shaft rebuilt and balanced
• 4.1 ring and pinion set
• Sealed rear wheel bearings. Do not rely on differential oil for lubrication
• Tapered front wheel bearings
• Front wheel bearings packed with synthetic 540 drop point grease
• Entire frame, all springs, suspension components and differential housing, etc. Powder coated
• Rebuilt tub (Fenton Bagley), Entire tub, scuttle, foot well, doors, etc., lined from inside with Dynamat extreme; firewall and trans cover received two layers
• Wood floors and package shelf laminated with dynamat and 1/8” hardened aluminum for a quiet ride
• Power vacuum brake; Booster installed in front of LR wheel
• Vacuum feed 3/8 steel tubing
• Dual redundant fuel pumps with complete isolation valves piped 100% in copper from tank to carbs (dual holley pushers)
• Exhaust heat shields (3) installed to protect critical components

• Design and have made a cloth – cloth harness to accommodate high and low rear lights. Dual fuel pumps with relays – 70A alternator, omit voltage regulator and turn signal relay. High lamps 30’s era ford mounted on fuel tank end caps with SS brackets stop and tail.
• Original rear lights; tail and turn
• By pass full account ammeter; install digital volt meter behind drivers side glovebox with small viewing window auto dimming with head lamp use
• Install 15 position buss bar; disconnect under dash to remove dash easily
• Install battery disconnect SW under dash left of steering column
• Install fuel pump relays and period correct fuse block; additional fuse block for total protection. 300 watt instant heater with relay
• Brake light relay
• Custom make under dash “H” frame to accommodate buss bar fuel pump switches aircraft style, and wiper SW
• Custom mount for optima AGM battery; manufacture only recommends foot mount; convert to side terminals; color coated with total protective covers;
• Nardi steering wheel with center horn blow with MG logo; modify steering column and install relay; Modify steering column with lower bronze bushing and upper needle bearing
• Custom 100% leather interior; no vinyl; French seams; door welting terminated with SS end caps
• Fully bound carpet with contrasting leather shift boot
• Mallory dualpoint dist. With Mallory 40K coil set to 34 degrees adv @3000 RPM
• 100% fume free excluder has been custom made
• Center inst. Cluster finished in hammered silver
• Original tachometer converted to electronic
• With very few exceptions, all interior wood screws are machine screws hardened SS installed into brass “wood serts.” Some upgraded in size
• Side curtains have been remodeled to fit exactly
• Leather covered fender washers fitted to wiper knobs inside glove boxes for a more finished look
• Front top wood bow was segmented (kerfed) clamped onto windshield and epoxy filled for an exact fit
• Top with zip out rear window, full tonneau ½ tonneau and side curtains custom made with very high quality German canvas silver in color
• Windscreen bottom; excluder ha been modified to fit stanchions and cowl in a more exact fashion
• Two tone paint with matching more rigid welting
• Hood (bonnet) stays are automatic and when closed tuck behind battery
• Additional tool box recessed under drivers’ seat and made water proof

Gregory S
Columbia Restoration

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IMG_2703.JPG    38.4 KB

IMG_2704.JPG    46.9 KB
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Gregory7500 Gregory Serduke
LaGrange, IL, USA   USA
Additional picture attached.

Gregory S
Columbia Restorations

IMG_2701.JPG    49.3 KB

bug88 Avatar
bug88 Silver Member Chas T
south central, IN, USA   USA
1975 MG MGB "Baby"
Nice!!.............I want a TF....(

"She turned me into a newt................"

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ping45 Silver Member Rich G
Highland, CA, USA   USA
Gee, I felt pretty good about my progress on my TF....until seeing this. Made me remember many years back when one of my friends got a new bike for Christmas, and I got a coloring book and a squirt gun.....Not much else to say. Beautiful paint, beautiful car....Is it still a TF?

1952 MG TD
1958 MG MGA 1500
Who is the owner and why here? Seems you might save the lists for the exhibition or is this business promotion?

tdmidget Scott P
Tucson, USA   USA
Not much MG left, is there?

Loyer Avatar
Loyer Dennis Loyer
Chatham, ON, Canada   CAN
Those wooden wedge-wheels need to be round for the thing to work !

Paul J Avatar
Locust Grove, OK, USA   USA
Nice paint job, but I'll still keep mine, other than paint color, it's 99% factory, ok 98%! smoking smiley PJ

RonnieMac Avatar
RonnieMac Gold Member Ron McDonald
Rosthern, SK, Canada   CAN
1952 MG TD
1971 MG MGB
In reply to # 3878735 by Gregory7500
• Install 15 position buss bar; disconnect under dash to remove dash easily •

Hi Gregory,

Congratulations on this terrific project. I would that I could be there to see the results.

I'm at the beginning of a major teardown and restoration on a 1952 MGTD.

I have been considering adding a busbar under the dash, together with other electrical enhancements.

Can you provide a bit more detail on the "disconnect under dash" - did you use a multi-pin connector?


1952 MGTD 15539
1971 MGB GHN5UB237226

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Buckdendave David Hill
St Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK   GBR
1954 MG TF
Agreed, its a terrific job.
Dave H

1952 MG TD
1958 MG MGA 1500
Look forward to the maiden voyage. What did it cost?

Loyer Avatar
Loyer Dennis Loyer
Chatham, ON, Canada   CAN
Would this reworked car ever be worth the amount of money put in to it ? Yes, it is nice but who would pay $75K or more (my estimate) for it ?

LaVerne Avatar
LaVerne LaVerne Downey
Fruita, CO, USA   USA
1954 MG TF "Green Hornet"
1969 MG MGB
1979 Triumph TR8 "Wedgie"
It's a beautiful piece of work Gregory....nice job.....but not really representitive of of SCCA history I'd think. I'd guess you are way under on your estimate Dennis. More likely over a hundred grand with the labor and parts that went into it.

brucemann Avatar
brucemann Silver Member Bruce Mann
White Lake, MI, USA   USA
1952 MG TD "Little Black"
1960 MG MGA 1600 "Little Red"
1962 MG MGA MkII

This TF work is a great tribute to the quality of the work you do, regardless if it is a TD or a Ford. If the customer wants these types of modifications, so be it. To me it is all about the quality of the job. The rest is in the eye of the beholder.

Your friend


Bruce Mann

1952 MG TD
1958 MG MGA 1500
The quality of work...indeed. Is this the place to promote it? Especially when so many here strive for authenticity.

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