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Interesting video showing the results of the UK Scrappage scheme...

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Simon Austin Avatar
Some interesting cars in this including a few MG’s...

"Speed fast you want to spend?"

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ken472 Avatar
ken472 Ken Petersen
Luverne, MN, USA   USA
Didn’t have time to watch the whole video yet but I thought our Brit friends were smarter than that. Guess it makes all the other survivors more valuable. Who would scrap a good Firebird?

Simon Austin Avatar
I’m hoping some of the UK members will have some insight to this. There’s a wide variety of manufacturers and years represented. I was surprised by the number of LR Defenders.

"Speed fast you want to spend?"

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ken472 Avatar
ken472 Ken Petersen
Luverne, MN, USA   USA
I’ll definitely have to watch the rest of the video tonite. Have to work sometime

copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Snowless Winter, CT, USA   USA
This scrappage scheme may be similar to what the U.S. did 8-9 years ago when owners of older, inefficient vehicles were paid to turn in their cars for a cash payout to be used to buy a new car (Cash for Clunkers was the program). Not sure how well it worked for the U.S.; maybe the English have a better plan, but it is a bit sad to see some of the cars which are headed to the scrap heap.

Dans77B Avatar
Dans77B Daniel C
Southport, Merseyside, UK   GBR
In reply to # 3763309 by ken472 Guess it makes all the other survivors more valuable.

Thats certainly not a good thing.
you heard the stories every week about the latest desirable classic to be lost to this ridiculous scheme.
In a way a bigger tragedy was the loss of 10/15 year old cars - the type of thing i use to get to work - all to prop up the german/french/japanese/korean automotive industries.
I believe to qualify for the scheme the old 'banger' had to have an MOT certificate i.e. it had to be roadworthy....

10kpharo Avatar
10kpharo Gold Member Julian L
Windsor Lodge, West Coast of New York, USA   USA
1955 Austin A30 Van
2007 Ford F-150 Pickup "Clifford The Big Red Truck"
That rubber bumper MGB GT is sure rare over here. Videos like this depress me.

"We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane" - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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MGUK Paul Wiley
Watton, Norfolk, UK   GBR
I have a beef about these schemes. They take solid older cars off the road well before the end of their working lives. OK so they might not meet the safety and pollution requirements on newer cars but it should be remembered that making anything in a factory produces a lot of CO2 and pollution as well. So scrapping it early effectively throws wastes that environmental 'cost' away and adds to it the pollution etc created when making a new car to replace it.

I made an estimate of the CO2 'cost' of making a car and came up with a figure of around the same as the CO2 produced by driving it about 100,000 miles. So to me it makes sense to keep a car on the road until it has done at least that far if personal circumstances allow. I don't claim my estimate is accurate or could stand close examination but it gave me an idea of the comparison.

Now I have owned a series of 3 Saab saloons any of which looked very solid after 20 years and one did well over 200,000 miles in my ownership. So it is not impossible to achieve this. Oh yes, and my MGB is now over 40 years old. I hope it will still be on the road and in regular use when it reaches 100!

Rather than scrappage schemes I think governments should introduce a realistic and substantial charge for anyone wanting to get rid of an aging car. Looking after it and therefore keeping it in useful employment until it is at least 20 years old would get my vote. Of course, they and the car manufacturers want the income generated by new cars regardless of the environmental cost of early disposal.

willrobinson Will Robinson (Disabled)
Disabled Account, Antarctica   ATA
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willysmb Avatar
willysmb ken klay
london, UK   GBR
1956 MG MGA "Money Pit"
I'm with you Paul, This is the kind of creative accounting that allows Google to pay less Tax than me ...

It's all about cleaning up our air whilst exporting the population created - produce new cars in another developing country ...


John Hamilton Avatar
Gulf Breeze, FL, USA   USA
1963 Austin-Healey Sprite
1965 MG MGB "The Great Pumpkin"
1968 MG MGB GT "Buck"
1970 MG MGB "Dad's Car"
It must be generational, but I found it sad that he was so excited about Golf's and BMW's while ignoring MG's, Morris Minors, etc. I guess that makes me officially a fossil. These scrappage schemes are awful, many classics wasted.

If I can't be fast, I'll just be obnoxious!

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