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Help me find these wheels!!

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Daryush Avatar
Daryush daryush dehnavi
Glen Ridge, NJ, USA   USA
First off, cut me some slack, but I might or might not have just tokyo drifted my passenger side rear into a rock. I wasn’t driving the B though, thank god, but it was my 1989 Jeep YJ.

Since we just got that little storm in the northeast, I went up to Harriman State Park just north of the NJ/NY line, and wanted to practice my car control. All I was doing was getting a feel for losing the back end on straights, and occasionally I would let the rear end kick out in a kink in the road and recover it.

Well, I became overconfident, you know how those truck people are like ‘my truck has 4wd and it is unstoppable and indestructible and nothing will ever get in my way and it can do anything’? Well yeah, it was a slippery left hander and I pretty much understeered straight on and destroyed my rim. I guess i’ve just become a statistic, huh.

Don’t know how exactly it still held air, but I managed to get home fine. If anyone knows of a rim repair shop in the central/north jersey area (or if the wheel can even be repaired), let me know, otherwise the issue is that the wheels aren’t common, nor are they marked. I need help to either identify the wheel or find one for sale because I not only just happen to like these wheels, but I gave them a paint job them myself and became attached to the look they give to my Jeep.

The first pic is the driver rear, and the second is an old pic still in silver. Fourth and fifth, so you know what we’re looking at, is the wheel which I ken block’d.

ps. the closest looking wheel i’ve found is the american racing ar23, but they’re not the same.

1980 MGB in BR Green - NJ, USA
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PeterC Avatar
PeterC Platinum Member Peter Caldwell
Madison Wisconsin, USA   USA
try Frank Clarici at Shore Polishing in Toms River NJ He does some wheel stuff

Peter C

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