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Car back from being blasted, and now the work begins

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JMA Avatar
JMA Silver Member John Anderson
Donvale, Victoria, Australia   AUS
In reply to # 3907779 by Ken Plumstead Ooops.

I see you are already participating in the MGB EFI thread.

Disregard that suggestion.



I made one or two suggestions on Gerald's thread and haven't been involved since.

I contacted Adrian and he gave me the thread that you you loaded, he said that he was inspired by Dave Headley and what they've done is very interesting and inspired but the architecture of the MGC block is different to the MGB so I probably won't need to use a sprayer. The model Chev they've taken the rocker arms was never sold down here but I do like that they're on pedestals rather than the studs I may need to use if I can go down that path.

But thanks for the heads up.


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bowtech Avatar
bowtech Stan Bowles
North Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1968 MG MGB GT
1968 MG MGC GT
1969 MG MGC GT "KJT"
My original shell looks a little worse than that - one day I'll get around to stitching it back up.
Keep posting John I'd like to see how you get on! I'll tackle mine myself but need to get back into welding!!


In reply to # 3904833 by JMA The car came back early today from having the engine bay and front wheel arches blasted.

There was some garnet still to be removed when I took these photos and the etch was yet to be applied, but what is evident is how dodgy some of the welding is and a lot hasn't penetrated the metal so the structure is compromised to my thinking. Many of the patches will need to be cut out and replaced. I didn't get the chance to drill out the broken bump stop bolts for those whom are eagle eyed.

For those interested, the engine is stripped and was a 50 year time capsule, the rotating assembly is off to be spun and I'll be finishing off the block tomorrow to go off next week for machining.

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