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Lonwuff Gerald Beach
Can opener sign=adventure in moving.

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UMG0251 Avatar
UMG0251 Platinum Member John H Twist
Grand Rapids, MI, USA   USA
1962 MG MGA MkII De-Luxe "The A"
This will help clear up some confustion:

I fell in love with MGs in 1965.
I bought my first MG (TD28822) in May 1968.
I first received payment for working on someone else's MG, May 1971.
I got "The Call" in Nov 1971. "John -- THIS is your future."
I worked in England at the original University Motors Jun 72 - Mar 73.
I worked for an MG dealer, Independent shop, VW Parts Jun 73 - Jan 75.
My late wife, Caroline Robinson and I, ran University Motors from Jan 25, 1975 - Jun 09. I started solo, then my met Caroline who became my biz partner. She
ran the biz, I ran the shop. We were located at 614 Eastern SE, GR; 6490 Fulton, Ada; and 4571 Patterson, GR.
We had from 4 - 16 employees working throughout the years, for a total of about 180 former employees. We worked on MGs from nearly every State including
Alaska and Hawaii.
We closed temporarily in July 2009 so I could take care of Caroline in her last days PLUS business was very slow. She died in Jan 2010.
We restarted in Jan 2010 after her death with my son as a partner but that didn't work out, but it did create a GREAT building, which I called the Garagemahal.
A rebound marriage didn't work and I ended up running the shop alone. I lost the MaGic so turned the biz over to Forrest Johnson starting 2017; he's renamed it
Rusty Moose Garage in Grand Haven, MI. Same guys, great work. We were in business for 42 years!
We hosted about 25 Summer Parties, three times with 550 MGs on the field.
We held Tech Seminars and workshops for 30+ years with about 2000 "graduates."
I have about 300 videos on YouTube (haven't made a new one in about five years).
I am the founding chairman of the North American MGB Register; co-founder of the British Motor Trade Association; co-founder of our local West Michigan "Old
Speckled Hen" MG Car Club. I was also the chairman of the first all-register meet, MG International - Indy 96 which saw 1300 MGs on the field.
I perform my rolling tech at almost all the NAMGAR GTs and the NAMGBR annual events.
I am now a travelling mechanic; I speak at various MG events throughout North America; I offer tech seminars and rolling tech at various clubs and shops
throughout the USA and Canada every year. I've even given tech seminars in England!
I've written articles for the club magazines and was the tech editor for the AMGBA and NAMGBR; I've written for "Sport and GT Market," " MG Magazine," the
MG Owners' Club "Enjoying MG, " "MG Enthusiast," and others. I continue to answer tech questions via email.
I've had articles written about me in the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, the London Times, and various auto magazines.
I am a charter member of the British Sports Car Hall of Fame.
I still have a tiny shop and do a very little amount of work for others.
I drive my 1962 MGA 1600 MarkII Deluxe in the summer.
I turned 70 this past November - I'm still trying to wrap my head around THAT!
I have four great kids and six grandkids.
Today I assisted a customer from Ann Arbor rebuilding a five main MGB gearbox.
I will be at the Chicagoland MG Club's swap meet and autojumble this weekend (3/16/19).
I receive phone calls from MG owners every day from across the continent and foreign countries. I am pleased to receive your phone call to assist you with your
MG questions.
Throughout my working career I was quick to tell people that there were others who could do a better job; there were those who could do the job faster; and
there were those who could do the job less expensively. But when you factored all three together, we could hold our own against anyone. Have I pleased
every MG customer and every MG owner -- of course not -- that's impossible. But the overall record is great.
I am so very pleased I chose MG as a life. In return, the MG community has been very kind in their appreciation for my efforts.

This should clear up some confusion.

John Twist
University Motors

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Member Services:
John Twist's famous MG Parts & Service business. We offer bench, line, and restoration services, as well as MG education via DVDs and technical seminars, on-site and off-site.
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BFC Avatar
BFC Ben Clark
Allegan, MI, USA   USA
1980 MG MGB "Kilr B"
1980 MG MGB MkIV
You forget to add “YouTube Star” on that list of impressive achievements. smiling smiley

I never called or wrote, but you showed me how to fold my top down, tune my HIF4s and install my seats correctly among other things. Thanks for all of it, John.

I don't know. It's always smoked like that/made that sound/done that.

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Lonwuff Gerald Beach
Great to hear you're still involved! I am always very impressed with your video's and have learned a pleathera of information. I've told my wife several times I'd work for you for free just for the knowledge. I'd probably learn more from you than I did going to college for a degree in marine mechanics which I had to pay for. Go figure. Sure would like to see more video's I believe I've seen all so I need more of them!

Take care, Jerry

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