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What mg owners don't like about the cars body.

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Cocoa, FL, USA   USA
I have a chrome bumper 74 MG B and if there's anything I would change in design I think it would be the rear fenders and tail lights. I kind of like the mga look in that area.Other than that nothing else. Greg.

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Gerry Avatar
Gerry Gold Member Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, LA, USA   USA
I would change the accessibility of a few things like the heater box controls and the tranny dipstick on CB cars. Maybe relocate the battery under the hood but other than that I thing the MGB and BGT are just about perfect. For the most part easy to work on and maintain and a complete lack of extra un-needed computer crap to make things difficult

Nicecar Avatar
Nicecar Gary (ex "Harv") G
Victoria, BC, Canada   CAN
1980 MG MGB "Red On Red On Red"
"What mg owners don't like about the cars body."

Nothing from me, and apparently not she.

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Cmpozr Avatar
Cmpozr Ray Weidner
Forest, VA, USA   USA
The top of the windscreen could stand to be about 1"-2" higher.

74 Chrome Bumper MGB
71 Triumph TR-6 (original owner)

"Every LBC is a rolling restoration."
"These are the cars that try men's souls."
"The past is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

Gerry Avatar
Gerry Gold Member Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, LA, USA   USA
But that would destroy the looks like a Datsun 1600

tvrgeek Avatar
tvrgeek Silver Member Scott S
Hillsborough, North Carolinia, USA   USA
1965 MG MGB
I agree the heater box design is terrible. The design of the rocker assemblies was not well thought out. Front wing splash guard ineffective. Style wise, it is pretty good, but I really love the Italian GT limited productions jobs. I think a Kamm back it does does better on the GT, but the tail of the roadster is fine. I might have brought the nose an inch or so further and would have done an egg-crate grill.

Truth is, it is overall balanced which is why it was able to limp along long after it should have been replaced.

Cogito ergo sum periculoso

rocannon Avatar
rocannon Platinum Member Frank .
Clairvius Narcisse Township, Bokor, St. Kitts and Nevis   KNA
1967 MG MGB GT "GT From Hell"
1980 MG MGB "Restored By Photoshop Inc."
The propensity for Rust.


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RAY 67 TOURER Avatar
RAY 67 TOURER Ray Marloff
Fort Bragg, CA, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB "My Girl"
500,000 cars over 18 years. They must have been doing something right. RAY

BowB Avatar
BowB Stan Ross
Bow, WA, USA   USA
The front valance gets hung up on the re-bar idiots use too hold concrete parking blocks. Sometimes they stick up 3 or more inches, a liability for people as well as the mg. Perhaps I just need to learn exactly where the front of the car is.

BusyB Sherman Bird
Houston, TX, USA   USA
1978 MG MGB MkIV "Jerzy"
Years ago, I traded with a performance shop who respected that some of us drove low cars. His sign in front read "Stop Early.... Tall Curb!".

melbaver Avatar
melbaver Gold Member Chris Howells
Carrington, NSW, Australia   AUS
1968 MG MGB "Moneypit"
2012 Dodge Journey "Another Shopping Trolley"
Would love an auto up and down soft top.

Chris Howells

1968 MGB Purchased already dis-assembled but which is largely back together so I'm a lot less ignorant.

lewk Avatar
lewk Silver Member Keith Lewis
Cambridge, ON, Canada   CAN
I think some of you folks should own Miatas.

ingoldsb Avatar
ingoldsb Silver Member Terry Ingoldsby
Calgary, AB, Canada   CAN
1971 MG MGB
The propensity for rust is the only thing I really don't like.

Terry Ingoldsby

greenrman Gold Member Don B
Kelowna, BC, Canada   CAN
1973 MG MGB "Oscar"
2005 BMW 3 Series Cabriolet "Sabrina"
I've owned my B for 5+ or so years?.... Those HIDEOUS and NEVER-WORKING/ALIGNING snaps for the boot cover suck the Big Kahuna.

Since buying my B from the original-owner old fella (now deceased) I have HURLED the boot(tonneau) and the FULL tonneau cover into the depths of hell (my basement)...AND, I haven't looked for them , since. Don't care. They are original & have NEVER fit from day 1 when I bought Oscar.

Again, I have to be BLUNT...those "snaps" suck the BIG Kahuna. (My 66 Fairlane XL ragtop's snaps were an utter "JOY" compared to these British horrendous MGB's snaps). Jus sayin.

ozieagle Avatar
ozieagle Gold Member Herb Adler
Geelong Victoria, Australia   AUS
1958 Wolseley 1500 "Wooly"
1966 MG MGB "Bl**dy B"
My B's body is perfect, it's my body that is annoying the crap (well with a bit of help) out of me.


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