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What did you do with your MGA today?

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Melbran Avatar
Melbran Theo & Brandon Rijs
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa   ZAF
1957 MG MGA 1500 "Little Red"
1964 Triumph Spitfire 4 (MkI) "Kermit"
I took a friend for a drive in my MGA.

I let him take the wheel, after he was suitably attired with the required driving cap of course, and he really enjoyed it (See picture).

He has recently purchased a 1993 BMW Z3 Roadster and was most impressed to find that you can 'drive' the MGA - you do not have to do "Driving Miss Daisy" style of driving in the car. grinning smiley

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2012.09.30 - MGA 008.jpg    36.4 KB
2012.09.30 - MGA 008.jpg

Bandersnatch Avatar
Bandersnatch Larry Wheeler
Hillsboro, OR, USA   USA
1957 MG MGA "Rosie 2"
I think you got the negative reversed, it looks like he's driving from the passenger seat!

I welded two captive nuts back on that I had to cut off and welded up some torn sheet metal on the drivers door. Nothing so mundane as actually driving the car.

TeamEvil Avatar
TeamEvil Thomas C
Kingston, MA, USA   USA
Beat hell out of the rear end to drive all of the busted and cut off bolts out of the rusted up holes that they were crusted into.

Success ! ! !

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Gary E Avatar
Gary E Silver Member Gary Edwards
Kernersville, NC, USA   USA
Reteieved from the mailbox a speedi sleeve for the engine pulley, Stopping one leak at a time.


Hammer: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate expensive car parts not far from the object we are trying to hit.

Neil MG Avatar
Neil MG Neil McGurk
Cumbria, UK   GBR
1956 Morris Minor
1958 MG MGA
1960 MG MGA
1961 MG MGA    & more
Started gluing in the carpets

Dstauft Daniel Stauft
Cincinnati, USA   USA
I bought parts... Tore into the brakes last weekend and found the prior owner had a brake hose held to the bracket where the tube connects with a hose clamp - not going back together like that! So I bought the right washers and nuts to reassemble, along with the MIA marker light assemblies...


JimNH Avatar
JimNH Jim Mail
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA   USA
1957 MG MGA "Camilla (the Other Woman)"
installing the new gimballed cup holder!


Plumberpilot Avatar
Plumberpilot Silver Member Ricky May
Salem, Salem Va, USA   USA
Tried to determine if my new MKII needs rod bearings due to very low oil pressure I installed a pressure gauge straight into the block and it read the same 15lbs as the inside gauge but I noticed the oil cooler line didn't look quite right so I started bending it around a little (flexible ss line) and noticed the oil pressure going from 0 to 20 lbs. long story short I disconnected the oil cooler and installed a spare OEM oil line and much to my surprise it had 45lbs hot idle and 70 hot running I didn't know the cooler lines could be the problem but I know now. Its the best thing that's ever happened to me while working on a MGA.

Jonathan-AZ Avatar
Jonathan-AZ Jonathan Baney
Mesa, AZ, USA   USA
Finished installing the 3/4" sway bar and finished installing the floorboards.

59mgaguy Avatar
59mgaguy John Terschak
Wakeman, OH, USA   USA
1930 Ford Model A "Jenny"
1959 MG 14/28 "Jessie"
1974 MG MGB "Oooops"
Finished the right side, A&B post, inner and outer sills. So today I'm working on the left side. Mostly finished but need to put the strip of metal between the front and rear B post on. I should have that done if someone doesn't stop by.

Why buy it?
When you can build it?


left side sill & B post replacing 047.jpg    45.1 KB
left side sill & B post replacing 047.jpg

left side sill & B post replacing 070.jpg    53.8 KB
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mgageoff Avatar
mgageoff Geoff Howard
Ashburn, VA, USA   USA
Drove to work and then drove it home, same as I do most days. smiling smiley

The drive home was a little misty, and I'd left my side screens in the garage since I needed room to bring home some extra house paint in the boot this weekend. It was dry in the cockpit except at traffic lights. I definitely need to re-address my wipers.

Geoff Howard
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Bobm Avatar
Bobm Bob Myers
Sparta, TN, USA   USA
1957 MG MGA 1500
1974 MG MGB "Ms. B-haven"
Pulled the lump out.

KHP Avatar
KHP Karl Henning
IL, Burr Ridge, USA   USA
Applied Chassis Saver to inside of right rear fender. ( Sandblasted it yesterday ) A little at a time keeps me feeling like there is progress even when I have a busy work week.


Tbird Avatar
Tbird ET Taylor
Land O Sky, NC, USA   USA
Installed the rear shock links into the shocks. Took inventory of the brand new rubber parts that are already crumbling so that I can order replacements. Oh well - at least it was something.


PaulM9999 Avatar
PaulM9999 Gold Member Paul Morrissette
Clinton, NJ, USA   USA
Drove it.

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