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Vibration in the body and steering

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mdolimpio Silver Member Mike DOlimpio
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
Hi All,

We are working on a 1958 MGA for a client. The car runs well and the engine feels very good. The issue is that at 2100 to 3000 rpm's on the mechanical rev counter the vehicle has a bad vibration thru out the whole car and steering system. It does it while setting and revving the engine or while driving the car.

The exhaust is fairly new with all new proper mounts. It looks like the engine mounts were replaced and there is no part of the engine or gear box touching anything.

I have seen some posts about the heavy duty engine mounts?

Your thoughts
Thank you

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mgaex189 Avatar
mgaex189 Gold Member Giovanni Delicio
Obrigheim, Rheinpfalz, Germany   DEU
1955 MG MGA 1500 "C2"
1955 MG MGA 1500 "4-seater"
1955 MG MGA 1500 "C1"
1960 MG MGA 1600 Coupe    & more
Could it be that you run on 3 cylinders only ?


Aridgerunner Avatar
Aridgerunner Silver Member Bill Bussler
Montoursville, PA, USA   USA
1956 MG MGA 1500 "The A"
1959 Triumph TR3A "The Mistress"
Poorly balanced pressure plate is my guess. They are famous for being out of balance.

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copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Snowless Winter, CT, USA   USA
Mike, if I read your post correctly, the vibration exists both when the car is being driven as well as when its stationary and the engine is revved up. If so, this would eliminate suspension, drive shaft, wheel bearings, etc. Question: are you sure that the engine mounts were replaced; are they tightened down? Was there clutch work performed; is the tranny properly mated/tightened/bolted down?

59mgaguy Avatar
59mgaguy John Terschak
Wakeman, OH, USA   USA
1930 Ford Model A "Jenny"
1959 MG 14/28 "Jessie"
1974 MG MGB "Oooops"
2x with Bill plus could be the flywheel not balanced. I always balance both at the same time. Machine shop I use always wants to do both and it's only $10 extra.

Gio, I had one of my spark plug wires come off a couple of years ago. While going to a club meeting up in Virginia. So I know what you mean by the vibration/shaking. It was a waking plus a little sweating before opening the bonnet and spotting it.


Blueosprey90 Avatar
Blueosprey90 Jeff Sienkiewicz
New Milford, CT, USA   USA
Assuming the motor is running correctly, not misfiring, I vote for unbalanced flywheel / pressure plate combination coupled with worn spigot bushing.

Gary E Avatar
Gary E Silver Member Gary Edwards
Kernersville, NC, USA   USA
Does it vibrate if the clutch in pushed in.


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mdolimpio12 Silver Member Mike DOlimpio
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
Thank you all for your input on the vibration. What we found was the dowel pins were missing and the pressure was not aligned where the dowel pins are. We needed a new flywheel for other reasons. I ordered all the parts from Scarborough Faire and Cecelia had a NOS flywheel in stock. It came with a ring gear and new dowels pins. I had the flywheel surfaced because it ha sat for 50 plus years and also had the system balanced. Now we have have a good running MGA without the vibration and a very smooth clutch system.

Thank you to Cecelia for her knowledge and help. We know have a wonderful driving 1958 MGA

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