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Oiling the steering rack

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Rob Z Avatar
Rob Z Silver Member Rob Zucca
Camarillo, CA, USA   USA
1960 MG MGA
Yes, that one is supposed to also get gear oil, BUT I do as recommended by Barney on the Guru site. As the steering shaft has a simple felt seal just above that fitting, I give that a shot of grease. It seems to help keep oil from weeping out through the seal. Kind of acts as a cork.

In reply to # 3888218 by Picton mga In your photo of oiling the rack, there is another grease fitting just to the right on the portion just above the pinion. Does it get grease or gear oil?

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tjt77 timothy Trevithick
Grass Valley, CA, USA   USA
firstly dont waste your time with oil as a means to lube an MG steering rack..beleive it or not , things have evolved somewhat since the '50s'
Modern high grade synthetic grease does the job far better than any available oil..Also :- oil is messy, will always find a way out, and tends to rot out the gaiters very fast if it comes into contact with them..(especially the repro rubber junk that will fail before the car ever turns wheel if your restorations take as long as mine do)

2mgs4doors Avatar
2mgs4doors Harry Rathvon
Lancaster, PA, USA   USA
I'll 2nd that as I've owned MGA's for over 45 years and never used oil just a liberal greasing before installing new bellows....never suffered any kind of steering woes! Tim might remember this MG

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1960_MG_Magnette_MkIII_Black_Harry_Rathvon_000.jpg    66.8 KB

Picton mga David F
Picton, ON, Canada   CAN
That makes some sense, as I understand a good synthetic grease will be very light. When I disassembled the rack it was packed with grease, everything appeared to be in good shape. I will only drive the car in the warm summer months here in Canada so I would hope the rack will slide freely!

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