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MGA Guru Is Going Mobile

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barneymg Avatar
barneymg Barney Gaylord
(Somewhere in USA), Pick one (or more), USA   USA
1958 MG MGA "MGA With An Attitude"
This should raise a few eyebrows and start some lively discussion.

A few people know about this already, but since there is now a definite date it is time to make the public announcement. MGA Guru is going mobile in a big way. I have been planning and preparing for some time. I bought a laptop computer to replace my old tower cabinet PC and large desktop screen and separate keyboard. I bought a new digital camera, a cell phone, Bluetooth earpiece for hands free chat, and a miniature external hard drive for data backup, all of which can recharge from the USB port(s) on the computer. I also have a couple of Universal Car Chargers that plug into the cigar lighter and have switchable voltage output to recharge the laptop and to power a low voltage scanner. I will have to give up my beloved laser printer, but I haven't quite decided what to do for a portable low voltage printer (as I hate ink-jets). I haven't decided yet on a service provider for the mobile hotspot for wireless internet access anywhere, but that should happen this week.

Why all this change and preparation? I have just officially retired, have picked up my first Social Security benefit check, and I am going on vacation. The kicker is, I will not be "coming home". To be sure it is nailed down firmly, the house has been sold, and the last day in my prior home of 35 years will be May 4, 2014. So where am I going on my retirement vacation? Nowhere in particular, just to wander around where the wind blows and wherever my urges may take me. Not needing to be anywhere on any given day there is no rush, so I plan to travel in a leisurely fashion, perhaps little or no mileage in any given day, or perhaps more travel if I actually intend to go somewhere in particular. There is a golden opportunity here for all those people who have said, "If you may ever be in the neighborhood stop in". So there will once again be a red MGA with a little black trailer following carrying camping gear, tools, a few car parts, some personal belongings, and this time communications equipment. The word is, home is where you hang your hat, and my hat will be in the MGA most of the time, wherever it goes.

Meanwhile I will remain a loyal member of Chicagoland MG Club, and I intend to carry on my duties as Webmaster for the club, as well as maintaining my own web site These functions have always been carried out by remote access to the internet. Now that my computer and other equipment is portable, that remote access will not change, no matter where I may be. Just that I may not be attending so many local club membership meetings, and Staff meetings may do with more messages and one less live body in attendance. For anyone concerned, my prior land line will be disconnected after May 4, my new cell phone number is 630.946.3841, and feel free to call any time.

I will definitely keep in touch. I will post regular updates on my activities on the MGA forum of the MG Enthusiasts web site, the MGA bbs on the UK server, likely have a new communications page on, and I may even learn to use my Facebook account (maybe). Most people who visit and send email and make phone calls would likely not notice any difference in the world. Pretty sure my snail mail address is going to change to a PO box number, yet to be determined. I so far have just one appointment for personal business in Arlington, Virginia, sometime soon but with no definite date. Let the discussions and inquires begin.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

Barney Gaylord - 1958 MGA with an attitude - -
(Please email me direct, do not leave a PM on the public server).

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ghnl Avatar
ghnl Silver Member Eric Russell
Mebane, NC, USA   USA
1961 MG MGA "Calvin"
Wow, great for you!

And if you are ever in central North Carolina (Mebane is about 25 miles west of Durham) let me know.

Eric Russell ~ Mebane, NC
1961 MGA #61, 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6, 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1991 Honda ST1100

Oxide Avatar
Oxide Del Rawlins
Disabled Account, Antarctica   ATA
1959 MG MGA
Congrats on the retirement.

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sirrombi Avatar
sirrombi Ian Morris
Tugun, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
1958 MG MGA
In Australia, they are known as "Grey Nomads", retirees, wandering the country with no fixed place of abode.
But most do it in a caravan or a camper. Not in an MGA!
Well done! Maybe you will end up here?!
Happy retirement! You're going to have fun..... And a great adventure.


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wrayg Avatar
wrayg wray brady
bethel park,pa, USA   USA
One event that is can't miss on our club calendar is Watkins Glen Vintage races, coupled this year with an MGA regional. highly recommenended, certainly Friday in town seeing all the cars and people. hope to meet you there.

wyatt Avatar
wyatt Silver Member Wyatt W
penguin point, drift ice, Antarctica   ATA
...Happy Trails To You...........

ohmite Avatar
ohmite Eric O
Wilson, NY, USA   USA
Wow, that is soooo cool! My congratulations on your retirement. Maybe someday I will join you on the road, but now I have too many projects calling my name in the garage winking smiley and still too many bills to pay and kids to finish college.

Happy trails, and if you are ever in the western NY area near Buffalo, give us some warning, I think the local MG club's ( Euro Car day is June 8th maybe you can join for a day of great cars.

Best Regards,

2manycars r n
dc, CA, USA   USA
If you are in Connecticut in June, stop in at the British by the Sea show in Waterford on Sunday june first. We usually get 400-500 British cars.

ogee Avatar
ogee Robb Ogletree
Grand Bay, AL, USA   USA
Congratulations on your retirement. It sounds as if you have a wonderful adventure ahead of you.
Safety Fast,

mgageoff Avatar
mgageoff Geoff Howard
Ashburn, VA, USA   USA
Wow! Please let us know when you're in the DC area (sounds like first stop). I live in the outer suburbs but would love to host you or some get together schedule permitting.


Geoff Howard
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bikermga Avatar
bikermga Peter Tilbury
Surrey, BC, Canada   CAN
Good on you, Barney. Quite a lifestyle change, but what better way than to spend a lot of time in an MGA


bleteaches6 Avatar
bleteaches6 Silver Member Lee Orphan
Bonney Lake, WA, USA   USA

You have always amazed me, but this is over the top! How cool! Your travel journal will be something to read. I have to admit that I would love the traveling part, but I also love to get home. It will be interesting to see how that all works out.

On a side note, you must be having one heck of a garage sale.

Take care

VaughnRenwick Avatar
VaughnRenwick Vaughn Renwick
Bridgetwown, St. Michael, Barbados   BRB
What an amazing plan Barney, good luck! Looking forward to hearing of your arrival in Barbados! smiling smiley

Vaughn in Barbados
MGA 1600 MkII

joerberg Avatar
joerberg Joe A
Hoosick Falls, NY, USA   USA
1959 MG MGA 1600
1963 MG MGB
1965 MG MGB
1967 Ford Fairlane    & more

First of all, let me break the news to you that retirement isn't as good as everyone will tell's so much better you won't believe it!!!! I live in NY on the border with VT in the middle of some of the best touring country you've ever seen. We have a big old farm house and you're welcome to stop by any time you're in the area. I've stolen so many ideas from your website that having you for a guest would be the least I could do. Of course I wouldn't want you to feel obligated to help me with a few problems on my cars.

Seriously, you've got a great plan and I wish you the very best. And thanks for sharing all your knowledge with the MG community.

ldc7675 Avatar
ldc7675 larry C
abingdon, VA, USA   USA
Congrats, Often thought of doing something similar. Happy trails.

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