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RJBrown Randy Brown
Queen Creek, AZ, USA   USA
In reply to # 3888621 by 59mgaguy Gary

Rub it in. But can you say you can walk on water? I can and fish to boot. At lest the sun was out and the snow has melted. (a balmy 23degree for a high)

My grandson walked on water today......
And caught some fish. Here he is with the biggest fish he caught on his first day fishing.

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Speedracer Platinum Member Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   USA
1967 MG MGB Racecar "The Biscuit"
In reply to # 3888481 by 59mgaguy Hap,

Just got heat in the garage in December. First time for me. I still have to insulate. When I bought the house I had it inspected and was told that the insulation was more then needed. But they checked hust the house part. I found out when I went above the garage there was none. So the heater is working over time seeing temps have been going up and down like crazy. One day in the high 40's,low 50's and then -9 below.

I'm storing a couple cars in a storage unit close by. Metal building no insulation. Night is freezes and in the day heats up. Metal is like a cold glass of beer on a hot day. It's sweats. Not good for the cars but hope to have them out by the time spring comes.


Best to spend the money on insulation when doing a metal building, we offer three types

Single bubble: really just a humidity controller, not really insulation, best suited for non climate control environment for storage.

Double bubble, it has R5 rating, so not that much of insulation, but something

R-15 fiberglass batted insulation, this is really he only choice if you want to heat and A/C

I went with the R-15 , it's not cheap, cost me about $5K of building cost, but when you look at doing yourself, the options area joke, like sary foam, it would have taken over $5K to my 2000 square foot building and it looks like cat crap, te if you look at solid panel, or normal house insulation, it not cheap and you have to create a way to mount, bottom line you are not going to save any money, and you want have the white covering on the inside, you';; be looking at a paper backing.

Bottom line ,if you are doing metal building, buy the best insulation option as when they construct the building is the time to install it, all later option will require unique methods to mount it.

Also you want a vertical roof panel, especially if you are in a snow zone.

Pre-engineered metal buildings like the ones I sell are one of the most affordable building system you can get, and installation is quick, it took 32 hours to put my building in the dry, instead of months with red iron, pole barn, or stick built, and I saved about $15-20K going this way, and got a better building. Hey once I saw what I got, how fast they could install it, and review cost of way too many building systems, I became a dealer smiling smiley

In closing, a shop, garage without insulation greatly limits when you can comfortably use the area. For us in the South it is more about AC, than heat, but having a work space I can heat and cool, the productivity greatly out weighs the cost of heating and cooling.

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop

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