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Introduction - new member from South Africa

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u235 Pat Wilson
Joburg, Gauteng, South Africa   ZAF
Hi, I'm a new MGA owner in South Africa. The car was in my possession for all of two days before the engine rebuild started in November. Getting it back tomorrow, its been such a long time....!

I joined because there is such a wealth of information and experience on these cars. My next project is going to be correcting a misalignment to the rear of the left hand door with the pillar, valence and probably fender. I know this is not a job for the fainthearted, so I hope to be able to step through it here and not foul it up.

Regards to all.

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colynf Avatar
colynf Colyn Firth
South Yorkshire, UK   GBR
Welcome Pat,
you are going to love your MGA when you get it running, they are such fun to drive, I have never had a car that feels so good when you power it into a corner.

My wife complains when I attack the roundabouts like I do, but she must be getting more used to it because now when I catch up with a modern car in the turns, she often says something like "Why is that car in front going so slow?".

It seems like you have hit the ground running with your car, are you re-fitting the engine yourself?

I have worked on most of the mechanical parts of my MGA over the years but I have not been brave enough to tackle re-aligning the doors on it to improve the the door gaps on it.
To re-align everything you will have to loosen the door hinges and both the front and rear wings (fenders) to be able to move them around to get them all to line up.

I will sort my car out sometime but I think I will leave it for the experts to tackle.

Have you seen the UK MGA Bulletin Board? It is also a brilliant source if information, either ask a question or search the archives in there.
See link.
To search in the archive you have to become a member, but it is free to join and easy to do.

Also, if you haven`t already seen it, have a look at the MGA Guru website, the information on there will keep you busy for weeks.



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mgaex189 Avatar
mgaex189 Gold Member Giovanni Delicio
Obrigheim, Rheinpfalz, Germany   DEU
1955 MG MGA 1500 "C2"
1955 MG MGA 1500 "4-seater"
1955 MG MGA 1500 "C1"
1960 MG MGA 1600 Coupe    & more
That's the address:



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copernicus Avatar
copernicus Nick Kopernik
Snowless Winter, CT, USA   USA
Hey Pat, welcome aboard. Any details or photos about your car that you can post? Did you import it, or was it a local purchase? Year/model, engine; VIN & body number, engine number? Inquiring minds want to know!

index.jpg    23.3 KB

DevonMG Avatar
DevonMG John Russell
Okehampton, Devon, UK   GBR
Welcome, Pat. Send us some pics, please!

And you'll shortly receive a request for indentification number pics. See here:

Grubeguy Avatar
Grubeguy Gold Member Grube Guy
Washington, DC, USA   USA
x2 on t he welcome aboard! Send pics - we love pics

tdbfrog Randall Everson
Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa   ZAF
Hi Pat welcome aboard, have you considered joining either the Johannesburg or Pretoria MG Car Club there are plenty of A owners with years of experience in rebuilding these fine cars.
let me know if you need any assistance I am close by in Edenvale.

paddyreardon Avatar
paddyreardon Paddy Reardon
Calne, Wiltshire., UK   GBR
1933 Morris Minor "Evie"
1956 MG Magnette ZA
Pat & Randall

I'm down your way in a couple of weeks. I'll be working in Isando from 22nd Feb til 2nd March. If there is anything you need from the UK, I may be able to deliver.


bikermga Avatar
bikermga Peter Tilbury
Surrey, BC, Canada   CAN

Do you know John Mackenzie who is a member of the MG club in Joburg. He has a nice BRG MGA.


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