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Trunk lid fit

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Hawkmonster Avatar
Hawkmonster Joe Policastro
Flagstaff, AZ, USA   USA
I am helping a friend restore a A/H Sprite which is very much like my old Midget. He bought new brackets from British Victoria. We were dry fitting the trunk lid and as you can see from the pictures below we have about 3/4" height difference from the hood top to the deck lid.

We put the left bracket on the driver's side and put the right bracket. The rest of the trunk spacing is good on the other three sides.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



As you can see from the picture I am normally a TD, Mercedes and TR guy.

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1974MGMidget Avatar
1974MGMidget Silver Member Jack Orkin
Grayson, GA, USA   USA
Joe, you didn't mention what year the Sprite is, although I don't know if the trunk lid mounting changed during the run. Also, is the trunk lid original to the car and has it been damaged? Assuming all that is good and you have the right hinges (I'm guessing that is what you are calling brackets), that is a large gap. Is everything bolted down? You could put shims between the hinge and body to close that gap. (1/2" shim will lower it 1/2", I think smiling smiley ) But, that gap looks like something is amiss - wrong hinge, latching mechanism out of adjustment??

Hawkmonster Avatar
Hawkmonster Joe Policastro
Flagstaff, AZ, USA   USA
John thanks for the reply.

In response to your questions.

When we looked at the B.V. Order book, it only listed the same part numbers for the entire run.

Trunk lid is orgInal to that car. There was no damage to the lid or the trunk.

The screws to the lid and the body are tight. There is only one way the brackets go on. Three screws one side. Two screws on the other end.

Shims are a good idea. Still holding out for a fix.

Thanks again.


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ice Avatar
ice Gold Member Larry Ice
Lawrenceville, GA, USA   USA
Joe, like Jack says the year of the car posted to your profile is very helpful. That way those trying to help don't have to ask what year. Once done you don't have to post the year agaion as it follows your profile in posts.

I would install the rubber trim piece before worrying about the fit of the lid. Do you you have the old hinges? If so try to put them side by side and see how they compare to one another.
Many of our cars have had the trunk lid bent by people trying to force the lid holder to fold. Since the prop is only on one side anyone forcing the lid usually bends it on two planes.

You can return the lid to its former shape by placing it on a stout table with padding underneath and "gently" bending it as necessary. It will take a good spring to do much reshaping of the lid.

AS Jack said you can use shims between the hinge and the body for a final adjustment. I have never seen one as bad as the one pictured but I guess it apparently happened. Some of the new gasket sealers seem to be a bit high but when you get everything mounted the trunk latch will provide compression on the seal and in time it will compress enough to make a good seal without the deck fitting badly.

Get back to us with what you find about the hinges and the thickness of the gasket. Just play with it til you get it right!


Atlanta GA

60 AH MK1
67 Midget
71 Midget

don-ho Avatar
don-ho Don Prince
Atlanta, Ga, USA   USA
Make sure the hinges are on the correct side, there is a left and a right. Good luck, Don

S1 Elan Kurt. Appley
Akron, Ia., USA   USA
Expect poor quality replacement parts. Modify what you have to or find some used ones on E-bay or from a used parts supplier. Quite a few used parts suppliers out there.

nonracer Gold Member Steve Codianni
I might have a good set I will send you for shipping cost , what year is it ?
I have to see what I have left in my parts pile

Hawkmonster Avatar
Hawkmonster Joe Policastro
Flagstaff, AZ, USA   USA
Steve I will get back to you. Really appreciate the offer. I will ask the owner for the year.

I am at the car auctions in Phoenix. Wife made me leave check book at home.


Ashley-Hinton Avatar
Ashley-Hinton Ashley Hinton
Gt Bookham, Surrey, UK   GBR
Hi make sure you buy the boot rubber that fits your car see photo of my car
I have lots of the boot rubber in stock
Regards Ashley Hinton

MG Midget boot rubber.jpg    23.6 KB
MG Midget boot rubber.jpg

boot rubber midget.jpg    14.4 KB
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MG MIDGET BOOT.jpg    51.2 KB
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Chas 906 Avatar
Chas 906 Chuck Peterson
Iron Mountain, MI, USA   USA
1961 MG Midget MkI "Little Red Rider"
Joe, I have the same problem after the boot lid removal for body and paint work last fall. There were two spacers (washers) under the two inner hinge bolt holes. Mine sits about 1/4" high in the center with out them installed. I had a height issue with the new boot seal from Moss, so, after some info from the guys here I got the correct seal from MacGregor's in Canada. Much better fit although a lot more expensive.

littlecars Avatar
littlecars David Bassett
Nashville, TN, USA   USA
1965 Chevrolet Corvair "Ski Team Transport SOLD!"
1965 MG Midget MkII "Buffoon"
1966 MG Midget MkII "Swiss Cheese...SCRAPPED"
1970 Triumph Spitfire MkIII "Tamara's Turd... SOLD!!!"    & more
All of my rubber seals have been the "shallow" kind that Ashley Hinton and MacGregor sell. All of my Midgets 1968-1974 shut with a satisfying thunk when I turn the trunk latch and the panel lines have been perfect. My question to all--is there a better way for the boot lamp to be switched other than a precarious spring-loaded plunger in the upper right of the opening? Seems a bit antiquated even by 1970s standards?

zork Avatar
zork Gold Member Gary Robinson
N.ft.myers, FL, USA   USA
Had the same problem when I had to replace the hinges on the bonnet. Only fix was to
install spacers between the hinge and bonnet. Was a real pain in the butt !

rich wino Richard Ruggiero
wallingford, CT, USA   USA
You say the boot was never damaged why are you replacing the original boot hinges? Does it fit right with the old hinges? It looks to me that someone had to much in the trunk and tried to force it shut.

Hawkmonster Avatar
Hawkmonster Joe Policastro
Flagstaff, AZ, USA   USA
Thanks for all the inputs. Greatly appreciated.

Just thought I would update you. First, I am just the helper who has experience with British cars. This 1967 Sprite was a rust mess. He bought it sight unseen without looking at it. He told me the truck lid fit when he got it some 15 years ago. All I can go one is what he tells me. The oem brackets were put in the trash years ago.

As you can see this is his first restoration and he suffers from acute PTSD which effects his patience and thinking ability. As an example he brings me boxes of parts and I attempt to sort them into piles were they go on the car. Over the last couple of years we have replaced the floors, rockers, various sheet metal pieces and we are currently dry fitting body pieces so we can do the final details before paint.

Today we are going to notch the brackets to hopefully slide the lid up and then use some washers to adjust the height to fit. I did use two spacers previously.

Thanks for the inputs. Greatly appreciated.

Ashley-Hinton Avatar
Ashley-Hinton Ashley Hinton
Gt Bookham, Surrey, UK   GBR

MG MIDGET BOOT.jpg    51.2 KB

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