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shalleck Avatar
shalleck Steve H
Indianapolis, IN, USA   USA
I got my first Bugeye at 17. We found it in a shed on a farm near our house. The owner said it was still drive-able. It had no clutch, starter, or seats. He would push start it going downhill and crash it into gear to start. It had obviously been abused, but it didn't seem to be too rusted (it was only 7 years old at that time).

We towed it home on a chain. I knew very little about car repair but some friends and I jumped into working on it. My Mom worked in an upholstery shop at the time. She said that if I got it running, she would make seat covers for it. When we got it on the road, it had fiberglass cafeteria seats glassed in. It was a VERY rough car - with beautiful diamond pleated seat covers!

I had a decent job, so I decided to get it re-painted. It was a very dull green that looked like an old army tent, not the stock green color. I almost had the money for the paint job, so we stripped and sanded the body to the bare metal - then I lost my job. By the time I got a new job and money for the paint job, it had a nice brown rust color - but acid etching took care of that. I had it painted a light metallic blue color and it looked pretty sharp - for about a week. Driving down the road, I got t-boned by a guy backing out onto the road.

I drove it for a couple of more years, rebuilding as required, then sold it with the engine in boxes for a little more than I paid originally.

45 years later, I decided to get my second Bugeye after finding one with no-rust car and almost the same paint color as the one I had in '68.


61 Bugeye

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Ashley-Hinton Avatar
Ashley-Hinton Ashley Hinton
Gt Bookham, Surrey, UK   GBR
Hi I go my MG Midget Mk3 1969 in 1974 it was 5 years old at that point I did make some parts for it and now I make 6700 classic car parts so it been 44 years having the car and making car parts
and the new part we made last week was CZJ174
Regards Ashley Hinton

DSC00843.JPG    59.4 KB

DSC00566.JPG    64 KB
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grichn Avatar
grichn Richard nicholson
crevillent, alicante, Spain   ESP
1976 MG Midget MkIII "The Shed"
1977 MG Midget MkIII
Yes, and your advert for seat runners is so misleading that you think that you are buying 2 sets and only get one set. There is a place in hell waiting...…

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macmasher1 Paul G
South Wales, Caerphilly, UK   GBR
1974 MG MGB
I bought my first 1967 Sprite from London in 1978. I was living in South Wales then and didn't have a car or much money. The car was advertised as a hill climber, it had no window winder mechanisms door handles and only one seat, but strangely had a current MOT! the guy wanted £200 sold as seen. After work I hitch hiked the 160 miles to London and arrived a bit late at about 10.30, it was dark, raining and the car was covered with a tarp sitting out on the road. The first thing I noticed was that there was obviously no windscreen fitted - the car looked very low, very small and very cool! - this is before I had even seen it uncovered!

I knocked on the door hoping the seller was still in. He was but was not happy and wanted me to come back the next day. I had to explain that I had hitch hiked here and the car was my only way home! He relented and we set about uncovering the car. It was love at first sight. The car was BRG Dark with a big white circle on the doors boot lid and bonnet and wire wheels. We had to fit the windscreen - no easy task at night and in the rain, but we got it done, it was about then that I realised that there was no hood or wipers!

The car started fine and after throwing in a few spare parts that he had accumulated and paying £200 the car was mine. I had to dry the seat and put on heavy gloves and hat and set off for South Wales. it was late now after midnight and back then the roads were virtually deserted. I will never, as long as I live forget that trip home - the car was quick, it had been tuned for hill climbing and as I later found out had a slightly modified head and 3 branch exhaust manifold. It was great hearing the engine and exhaust note reverberate back at me from the nearby buildings as I sped down through narrow streets before getting onto the motorway. I recall looking down and seeing the tiny Smiths gauges shinning back at me and thinking that I wanted this drive to last forever.

As i go onto the motorway it started to rain - I didn't care. there are a number of ways to get back to South Wales without using motorways - which after half an hour of lorry spray I decided would be far better bet. I turned off and took the A roads. Here the car was obviously in its element - it literally (felt at the time), danced around the bends and both it and I thoroughly enjoyed the next two hours driving it took to get home.

After that and over the next few days I fitted the car with wipers, mirror seat carpets door windows etc and turned it into my daily driver. I sold the car a couple of years later and bought a 68 and since have had many others.

Happy days...

Abington, PA, USA   USA
1976 MG Midget MkIV "Rodney"
HI all,

Yep, I still have my Midget after 42 years.

Model: 1976 Midget 1500 non-catalyst; Color: Factory "Sandglow" mustard yellow, "Autumn Leaf" interior

Ordered: Dec. 1976; Delivered June 3, 1977

Original Mileage to Date: 33, 845

Condition today: All original and getting a complete refit after a carefully mothballed and maintained 28 year sleep. Engine turns over easily. Next up hydraulic cylinders, brake mechanicals, suspension bushings, muffler and, lastly, tires. Expect to have it road-ready in July to take my grandson to his games.

Bought it brand new for $ 3,400. Needed a second car and the cheapest Toyota Corolla was $ 4,100. Then we had two boys in the next 4 years. Used as a daily commute driver and for short excursion runs with either of the boys to their various sport games and just for fun. Getting in and out of it with the top up is challenging compared to when I was in my 20's.



Skeezix Avatar
Skeezix Silver Member Robert Klyver
Playa Del Rey, CA, USA   USA
28 Years ago - rescued from a ravine and stored at a trailer park til I got it for free.

Little trailer park rat kids broke it up quite a bit just before I got out there with uHaul.

Got it to run right and now record rains ha ha

61 Midget Mk 1 GAN1L/294*

MGold.jpg    24 KB

Chas 906 Avatar
Chas 906 Chuck Peterson
Iron Mountain, MI, USA   USA
1961 MG Midget MkI "Little Red Rider"
28 years ago? Man, that's a long time. That you Robert by the driver's side? LOL!

Yankeedriver Avatar
Yankeedriver Platinum AdvertiserAdvertiser Joel Young
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA
In reply to # 3888354 by Ashley-Hinton Hi I go my MG Midget Mk3 1969 in 1974 it was 5 years old at that point I did make some parts for it and now I make 6700 classic car parts so it been 44 years having the car and making car parts
and the new part we made last week was CZJ174
Regards Ashley Hinton


I haven't looked in on this thread since I started it a while back... what an interesting story.

I know that I speak for many others when I say how grateful I am that you are making this battery/heater platform. Lovely part!


Member Services:
Innovative DIY performance and reliability upgrades.
Skeezix Avatar
Skeezix Silver Member Robert Klyver
Playa Del Rey, CA, USA   USA
LOL that is my son - I am second from right leaning in

61 Midget Mk 1 GAN1L/294*

terryke5hwe Silver Member Terry Halbert
Rogers, AR - Arkansas, USA   USA
1978 MG Midget 1500 "Midge"
1979 MG MGB "Money Pit!"
I heard about a Midget at a repair shop. 1979 that had sat for years. Came with a new interior kit and a new top still in boxes! Also a 1976 Midget parts car for . All this for $1000...

FB_IMG_1519942080809.jpg    93.3 KB

66jalopy Avatar
66jalopy Silver Member Phillip Jolliffe
Lake City, FL, USA   USA
Anyone offer to show you correct way to lower top to avoid damage?

Chas 906 Avatar
Chas 906 Chuck Peterson
Iron Mountain, MI, USA   USA
1961 MG Midget MkI "Little Red Rider"
Now that's a good deal!

Jon62midget Avatar
Jon62midget Gold Member Jonathan Brown
Savannah, GA, USA   USA
I'm not going to tell you about my 62 midget that I've had for about 3 years. I know I paid far too much for it. But it is 100% perfect and reliable, so maybe I didn't pay too much, and anyway I can afford it now!

I want to tell you all about my first midget, and first of 6-7 LBC's, including 2 midgets, 2 land rovers, 2 morris minors, and a MGA.

When I was in high school, I totalled my Subaru 4WD wagon. It was another in a long list of totalled vehicles under my care. Back then, in the early 80's in Maine, insurance was optional, but insured it was... Anyway, I got a check for $1800 for the loss, and a classmate had a MK3 round wheel arch RED Midget for sale, for just $1800! All I had to do was convince Mom that, no, it wasn't too small and no, it wasn't dangerous. The seller, Bruce, with his eye on a porche 914 to buy, explained that the car was small, yes, but as a result so much more manoeuverable than the average car, and therefore so much safer.

It worked!

Thank you Bruce!

This car changed my life. In a world of Camaros and Mustangs, my small pool of friends had brit cars. MG's and Triumph Spitfires. They didn't get us more girls, but they weren't girls worth getting anyway.

Well, that first MG was a lesson. It taught me a hell of a lot about patience, resourcefulness, walking to get where you're going, and man, those auto shop classes came in handy! I loved every minute of it. I drove that car year round, on ice, snowy roads, salt encrusted roads.... and it did rust away before my eyes. The car had an endearing quality of starting instantly when hot, starting instantly when cold, but shut it down for 15 - 45 minutes and no dice! What I suspect now as vapor lock, was a mystery to me at that time, so a (glass, no plastic back then) bottle of gasoline would emerge from behind the seat, quick unscrew of the air cleaners, and dump some gas into the mouth of the carbs..... YES, let's go!

Push starting was routine. I bet most of you have push started a midget..... get it rolling, jump into that front seat and pop it in second. No hill needed. Single handed.

Well, back then (and even now) my automotive skills were pretty weak. I did my best, but said midget began to run poorly. Change of plugs, points, condenser, plug wires.... adjust timing with the old stroboscopic light.... no better. Never thought to check valve clearances. And forget about tuning the carbs. The day came where I needed transport and the MG was running on 2 or 3 cylinders. I very regretfully sold it for $1000. The next day the buyer came back to say hello with the car running beautifully.
"what was wrong?"

"well, nothing really... the points were out a hair, the plug gap wasn't right, the timing was off a little, carbs needed adjusting.... just a tune up"


Lesson learned. And what is that lesson? Pay attention to detail, but keep the romance in your life. And there is nothing more romantic than a wonderful wife and a MG or two in your garage.

66Sprite Avatar
66Sprite David R
Sydney, NSW, Australia   AUS
I bought my 1966 Mk 3 Sprite in 1987. I purchased it from a mate who had tired of using it as an everyday car. His advice at the time was to buy the "Sydney Morning Herald" the local broadsheet newspaper - he explained that when, not if, the car broke down I would have something to read and then I could use the paper to spread out on the ground so I could get under the car to effect repairs. He also gave me the factory workshop manual and a copy of the Lindsay Porter restoration guide. When I opined that the restoration guide did not look to be much used he retorted that the repair manual had seen much use; we both laughed, I think he laughed harder.

After many years off the road I am now restoring it.

35 - Copy.jpg    30 KB
35 - Copy.jpg

Chas 906 Avatar
Chas 906 Chuck Peterson
Iron Mountain, MI, USA   USA
1961 MG Midget MkI "Little Red Rider"
Looks a lot like my '61 now David. although, I do have a chassis under her. Looks great.

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