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Yankeedriver Platinum AdvertiserAdvertiser Joel Young
Albuquerque, NM, USA   USA
In reply to # 3881447 by Richh52 Doing a complete restoration on a 1967 Midget. I got it cheap from a relative who acquired it along the way so to speak. I have recently retired and was looking for a car project. The car drove and ran when I got it but it would start to miss unexpectedly and I wondered if I would make it back home at times. I did a compression test and found the third cylinder to be only half the others. I then pulled the head off to fond what looked like someone drove a screwdriver down the side of #3 & 4 pistons. I pulled the engine out and stripped it. Surprise surprise, there were only three rings that were still in one piece for the four cylinders. I measured the cylinder walls with snap gage and found about .015" taper is them all. Knowing this was too much to hone, I decided to send the engine out for rebuild. I now have it back, seems to run fine. While the engine was out I found a museum in England online that could give me a certificate of the car when it left the factory. After receiving the cert, I checked all the serial numbers of components and chasis. To my surprise, they all matched! The car was somewhat original. The body color had been changed and the interior as well. I decided to put everything back to original. When stripping the paint, excessive amounts of filler had been used to fill in some dents. I found 1984 license plates riveted in a couple places. Someone had done a revamp prior and not very well. I am still plugging away at it with a lot of materials already purchased working steadily on the body. Haven't gotten to the point of paint yet. The color will be Old English White with Red interior w/ White Piping. Can't wait to see it finished. Hoping for this spring some time. Wish me luck, Rich

Of course, you've chosen the best year--not that I'm biased or anything... smiling bouncing smiley Anyway, looking forward to seeing how she turns out. Happy Retirement!


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Knoxville, TN, USA   USA
In reply to # 3860115 by drooartz This is an excellent combination. I have many miles on mine, a '66, with 1275 and 5-speed.

WoW... cool smiley

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