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small compact FWD package

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Jim Blackwood Avatar
Jim Blackwood * BlownMGB-V8
Gunpowder Rd, Florence, KY, USA   USA
Matthew and I stopped in a Honda (motorcycle) dealership Saturday and looked at the Pioneer 500 SxS (photo above, red) and took some measurements Take the front bumper/winch off and twist the muffler a bit and it'll fit the allowable horizontal space. (The size of a 4x8 sheet of plywood.) Just. Barely. Might need the tires deflated slightly. Or not, too close to say. Since it runs 24" tires on a 12 x 6" rim, a smaller diameter street tire is very feasible.

Removing the shocks, it may be able to drop 8", leaving 1/2-1-1/2" of ground clearance. If that is done and all bolted-on upper structure is removed, the seat back folded down and the steering wheel dropped out of the way (it has universals) I believe the only thing that would be above the 30" mark would be the upper shock mounts and the top of the radiator. Doesn't sound like that much of a challenge so far.

I'm watching craigslist, ebay and copart for one that's been rolled or wrecked, we'll see how that goes, currently there's nothing close enough to be worthwhile but maybe by summer's end there will be.

For bodywork I do have a complete MGB roller, zip blades and an English wheel. Might be a lot of fun seeing just how close I can get with that, maybe bring in the old Roadmaster Construction Crew to play with it.


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