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out with the old in with the new mg v8 build has begun

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billymgb1000 Avatar
billymgb1000 Silver Member william gaulin
harrisville, harrisville RI, USA   USA
1973 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB V8 Conversion "Sweet Thing"
That sucks Rich, You have so much time and sweat into her sad to see you getting rid of it. I wish you well in your next project and hope to see you on here again. Good luck brother.

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theonlyiceman53 Avatar
theonlyiceman53 Bill Russell
1968 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Frankenstien"
1977 MG MGB "Wicked"
Hey Rich,
Come on, take a deep breath and think about it before you make a rash decision! It's not like you didn't know how finicky these old English cars are! That's why they never got the label of a girls car. They are not for everyone! You've proven you have what it takes so don't throw away your reputation over a car that won't start! That is why we ALL carry insurance that will pay for a tow! If I sold every car that wouldn't start on occasion, I wouldn't have any darn cars! In almost 50 years of driving I've paid for a tow three times and two were British cars! AAA has make out pretty good!

Just in case you are serious; it's been great reading your posts and I really hope you don't leave us!


slightly modified Avatar
slightly modified Silver Member Chuck Royer
Hayward, CA, USA   USA
Hey Rich, I can't say it any better then Bill did. I've enjoyed having a fellow SBC MGB guy going through a lot of what I've been through here to help me know that owning a MGB conversion will always be an adventure (for me the good has far out weighed the bad). Good luck on what ever you choose is best for you------------------------Chuck

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madman Avatar
madman Rich c
Edg, FL, USA   USA
im just pissed off at the little bitch rite now, I am gonna cool off for a while.

RALPHTD0256 ralph scarfogliero
north bergen, NJ, USA   USA
1952 MG TD
Hi Madman, nice job. forget the haters, purists. restomods are in. I have 3 modified cars. l attached a photo of my 1956 MGA-V12. cheers.

IMG_0010.JPG    58.1 KB

Jim Blackwood Avatar
Jim Blackwood * BlownMGB-V8
Gunpowder Rd, Florence, KY, USA   USA
If you're going to enjoy the car, you have to build it so it doesn't break. Easier said than done. Best way to accomplish that is to limit the horsepower and torque. Otherwise you are quite likely to find yourself applying band-aids when things begin to break. Things like pretzeled driveshafts, sheared adapter flanges, broken axle mounts, overstressed engine mounts and so forth. Any of this sound familiar? Then at some point you get those various failure points all eliminated and the sailing gets smooth.

Rich, I think you are probably close to the end of the band-aid stage. You have two choices. Hang in there and finish it, or sell out for less than you have in the car. Most of us here hope you choose the former.


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