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Carson Liburd Carson Liburd-bott
Orting, WA, USA   USA
Hello everyone!
I have a 1968 Mgb Gt powered by a ford 302 with a Borg Warner super t10. The t10 started leaking fluid and before I noticed some damage was done and it now whines terribly and knocks when I touch the gas so it needs to come out soon sad smiley
I still have the stock salsbury 3.90 rear end so although fun to drive, my gear ratios are garbage for going any further than around town. Getting up to 60mph on the freeway takes me up to 4500rpm so I'm ready to replace the t10 with the ford t5 to enjoy that 5th gear!
(I will replace the rear end eventually but it's still going strong so I'll save that for next summer most likely)

My dilemma is that my motor is really early 302. I checked the engine code and the casting date and its from December of 1967. So the foxbody t5 will not bolt right up like it would a 79-93 302. Has anyone had to deal with this or know what I need to do to get a t5 installed?

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Mustangsix Avatar
Mustangsix Gold Member Jack Collins
Orlando, FL, USA   USA
An 87-93 bellhousing and engine plate will bolt right up to your enigne. Where your engine differs is in the flywheel balance. Your earlier engine is balances with a 28 oz imbalance and not the 50 oz of the later engines. Another difference will be in the release arm. Instead of a "push" linkage or hydraulics, the later bells used a "pull" cable arrangement. You'll need to either get a pull slave or relocate the push slave behind the release lever.

But skip all that. You already have what you need. The easiest way to add a T-5 to your car is to simply buy the transmission adapter plate from one of the Mustang vendors like CJ Pony or NPD or others. It will bolt to your existing bell housing and the T5 will bolt to that. The driveshaft may need shortening and the trans mount will need to be repositioned.

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