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MG Three 3.4L V6 Engines ran on the Dynamometer MG

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BMC Gold Member Brian Mc Cullough
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   USA
We Completed three out of four of our Dyno runs on Wednesday the sixth of February. We ran out of time for the fourth engine but will have that on the dyno this coming week.

The goal of the day: Dyno and tune engine #1 built at BMC British Automobile that has a larger cam than standard (small enough that you can't hear it), larger valves, head work, larger throttle body, CCE Headers, BMC Wiring and products, and more. This engine is still running stock compression. With the larger camshaft profile, a custom tune helps so besides for break in, the tune was required. This is Not the ultimate 'Dream engine' but something that is more desirable: a street worthy engine.

Using the OEM PCM, there is a small amount of power to be gained with the factory computer, but there is just as much to gain with a slightly better camshaft or other options. When enough has been changed on one end, the other end should be considered as well.

Engine #1: Well Tuned. Not posting here. You'll just have to 'Like us' on Facebook Here to find out in the next several days.

Engine #2: Stock. Rebuilt, only change to speak of is the camshaft is a slight step up and no-one could hear any difference, so as stock as it can be with a single bolt-in item.
170 BHP with our standard tune, which emulates factory tune with minor modifications.
With additional additional tuning, we produced 180 BHP.
So a bump in cam was worth about 10 BHP, our tune brought it up another 10 for a total gain of 20 BHP.

Engine #3: Stock. Really. I mean Stock. Rebuilt yes, but Stock.
About 160 BHP or so, above what the factory claimed with our standard program.
After rebuilding the program, we were able to produce 170 BHP, which is about twice the expected level to pull from what is a well tuned engine by GM.

Extra notes:
Stock engine: 160 BHP (200 foot pounds of Torque)
Stock engine with our new tune: 170 BHP

Stock engine + Camshaft: 170 BHP
Stock engine + Camshaft + BMC tune: 180 BHP

Warmed over engine + BMC tune: Search for it on fb soon.

All engines broke in, and test on the same day.

Engine #4: This is another stock engine, built by a different builder but everything including the camshaft is stock. I am not planning on posting the results.... Unless the results are very bad.
Just kidding. The fourth engine is going in for engine break in but they will run a few of our computer programs to see what they like best.


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bills Avatar
bills Bill Spohn
W. Vancouver, , BC, Canada   CAN
Will be interested in engine #1. I kept stock compression and did a lot of flow improvement in heads and intake, larger TB etc., and used a Crane 272 cam and am quite happy, although I have never had it near a dyno.

Bill Spohn
Current: 1958 MGA Twincam (race car (170 bhp)),1962 MGA Deluxe Coupe (98 bhp)
1957 Jamaican MGA (200 bhp)1965 1971 Jensen Interceptor (350 bhp)
2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe (350 bhp)
2007 BMW Z4M coupe (340 bhp)
Recent: 1969 MGC roadster (175 bhp),Jensen CV8 (375 bhp),
1969 Lamborghini Islero S (350 bhp), 1988 Fiero GT turbo (300 bhp)
North Vancouver BC

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V8MGBV8 Avatar
V8MGBV8 Carl Floyd
Kingsport, TN, USA   USA
Engine dyno?

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