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Help me decide my conversion

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theonlyiceman53 Avatar
theonlyiceman53 Bill Russell
1968 MG MGB
1974 MG MGB "Frankenstien"
1977 MG MGB "Wicked"
I know everyone is tired of the old SBC but there is a reason they were put in everything. The first one I did back in the 70's was done with a stick welder and a BFH. Had to "massage" the firewall a bit to fit the Powerglide that I originally installed. No modifications necessary to the crossmember and I ran the exhaust on the inside of the frame rails by using the rams horn exhaust. The swap cost virtually nothing as it was all parts that were laying around. It was heavy in the front as it had the full iron complement of intake, water pump, heads and exhaust. With my current swap of aluminum heads, tube headers, water pump and intake the minimal weight gain is worth all the performance. Cost? I never mention what I have in my builds as I might want to sell them some day but my Scottish father would be proud. I do have a full complement of shop tools as it is also necessary for my business but most of what I do could be done without them, it would just add to the cost. I can tell you that the most expensive thing I have ever spent on a MG was the AFR heads for my big block. Thankfully, they were not damaged when the engine blew! I replaced it with another SBC that I had laying around. The SBC is a much better choice for the MGB but I may put it back in with a milder cam and quiet exhaust.....

I wasn't going to comment as everyone has their opinion and it's based on a lot of factors. Cost is one of my big things and the reason I left Ford many years ago. The V6's are cool and the Rover/Olds/Buick V8 is a compact power unit but bang for the buck can't be beat by anything else except possibly the LS. I keep looking at them and eventually will pull the trigger on one.


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1744 Avatar
1744 Gold Member Bill Guzman
1973 MG MGB GT "Renegade I GT"
1974 MG MGB "Renegade"
There are many ways to go about doing an engine swap into an MGB or any other brand of automobile.
The best swap is the one you will choose.

We picked the GM 60 degree RWD for ease of installation, power to weight ratio and cost.
The GM 60 degree V6 swap is well represented and supported. Also what makes the decision are several facts.
Yes, cost is none of them, challenge, ability, purpose of swap, chassis rigidity etc...

Those questions need to be answered before making a decision. Ford 302 is a good swap, Rover V8 is also a good swap and the list goes on. There is always one engine that stands among all others engines for an MGB that engine is the 3.4 V6
Why? It is well supported, 60 degree V6 RWD was design to propel a 3400 lbs F body GM chassis into the 7.9 ---8.3 0-60 not bad for a 207 ci engine. same engine into a 2250+ lbs it is nice.
Simple to fit between the rails of the MGB and much easier in the RB MG's

Our intent in creating a V6 install kit was power to weight ratio Vs money, ease of installation and fun to drive. Best bang for your buck. and have this swap well supported.
We at CCE are available to answer any questions before during and after the swap. I am sure Brian does to.

We also have a kit for the Ford V8 that makes the installation a little simpler.
You also have D&D in Michigan Dan can set you up with your needs for a Rover V8

You want a challenge look into the 2.0 ECOBOOST from a Ford Focus More power than any V8 and much easier than the LS GM V8
These engines fall into the challenge category. Do a search on this forum and read for yourself. there are not bad swaps.

Well... there is one swap that I consider not to be a smart swap, my opinion please.
The Miata 1600 or 1800 lots of work for very little gain.

That been said the V6 takes the least effort with big gains and in the long run money savings when compared to the V8's

The engine you decide to put in your B it will be the best choice.
Happy to answer any questions you may have regardless of engine choice.

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MG Classic Conversions V6. Wilwood brake dealer.
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