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EcoBoost 2.0 update

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TVR Scott Scott Noble
Denver, CO, USA   USA
I'm also midway through a 2.0 EcoBoost swap, though mine is going into a TVR 2500M. I had to beg and plead and wait 8 weeks for Ford Performance to make me a "one off" control pack, and I ordered mine way back in April 2018.

They officially cancelled the 2.0 program back around then, and then unofficially filled a couple outstanding orders like mine. Anymore, I think you'd only find support for the 2.3 and the Coyote. The catalogs that still list the 2.0 control pack as being available are probably just not up to date.

If you're hell-bent on using a 2.0 EcoBoost, I did find some alternatives to the factory control pack. All of them take a bit more effort and expense, but there are options.

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nonracer Gold Member Steve Codianni
I have a 2.2 Ecotec in a Midget like Kyles , I’m not finished yet but I’m pretty sure the hood ( bonnet ) will fit . I set the engine back about 3-1/2” behind the rack and set it down with the bottom of the oil pan a little lower than the original. If I modified the pan so it’s sump was 1” shallower I would almost guarantee the hood would fit without issues. I spent countless hours setting this up so the shifter was is the exact location as original . It’s definitely not a simple “swap” for any OHC since they are so tall but you can make them fit if your will to do quite a bit of modifications.

Maybe a new thread should be started , we don’t want to hijack this one

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TCru Tom C
Charlotte, NC, USA   USA
1968 MG Midget "Sold - Seeking Replacement..."
1972 Porsche 911 "Sold - Went Home To DE"
2016 Toyota Tacoma 4WD "My Current Daily (Bone Stock)"
Scott & Steve,

Thanks for the info.

Also, I will start a new Topic in the MG Engine Swap Forum.
I really didn't expect this kind or response - its great !

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