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Buick 300 build thread - Joining the dark side... eventually

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Ricey30 Avatar
Ricey30 Phil R
Chessington, Surrey, UK   GBR
Brian’s last description is so true ! Mine cost way more than the “how to give your mgv8 power” suggested. Probably as it was written in 1990 when in the uk rover v8 were plentiful.

It’s the annoying little things that add up is unbelievable and I bought some parts which were never used or wrong ! Mainly because I was too scared to ask advice in this forum!

I then finished it easliy on the wrong side of £5k Sterling, more like £6k plus and it’s no show car and I didn’t have any body work to do. Then I was depressed thinking how much !!!

BUT BUT, every time I take someone out in it and their head snaps back onto the headrest and they then get what cubic capacity and four barrels means, I laugh and laugh like a kid .

Brilliant fun and mines only circa 200bhp so god knows what a 300 Buick will give.

My way of sleeping is my buddies spend £200 a month on golf membership so £2500 a year give or take, 3 years mines paid off plus the wife will get in it!

I’ve never had a v8 before and now I do, I love it, your part of a very small club of like minded petrol heads. Plus I went up one show and shine mg meet and was bored in no time. Why? No V8s, but go to track or hill climb ... much more fun!

Good luck choosing

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clinghoffer Gold Member Clinton P
Port Washington, WI, USA   USA
In reply to # 3902773 by BMC I'm jumping in here late and was just thinking you must be someplace near Paul. If you don't visit Paul, that would be a shame as he is very knowledgeable, has built a couple of very nice cars and is a super nice fellow.

As for your budget posted on a previous thread, you haven't exceeded it yet, so I know your not going to believe me, but believe me, you've already exceeded your $5k budget. smiling smiley

As you go and find out things just need to go a bit further, keep adding the invoices to a lock box. Preferably one that the key has been mailed to a distant relative that only visits every 5 years or so, and just visited yesterday. This way you can live without regrets.


Thanks for the input Brian! I don't think it was me that posted a budget, at least not recently. I may have when I first bought the car though.

20 years ago I had a fleet of GM cars. 66 Pontiac Bonneville, 67 Pontiac Catalina, 66 Chevelle, 67 Camaro, and a 79 Malibu, plus a couple trucks and daily drivers. All were in various states of drivability and all except the daily car had a V8. I had time and cars but no money so nothing was ever finished. I regret that.

This time around I have 1 car, plenty of time, and enough money that I can do pretty much whatever I want to it. It's a luxury I know most people don't have, and I am thankful for my circumstances every single day.

With that said, I am on a budget for the car. Moreso a kind of "keep it reasonable and save money when possible" way. If my wife wanted a $30,000 convertible it would have more creature comforts smiling smiley I'm not keeping receipts for everything and I've already found myself rounding down the money I've spent on the car so far. This is my hobby. It costs money. As long as I'm having a good time doing it and it isn't creating a hardship for my family I'll spend what I need to make the car into what I want it to be.

So it's going to be a bumperless MGB roadster with a Buick engine and a fuel filler hidden behind the rear license plate smiling smiley

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Jim Blackwood Avatar
Jim Blackwood * BlownMGB-V8
Gunpowder Rd, Florence, KY, USA   USA
Actually I really like that hidden fuel fill and may incorporate that into my own car eventually. So much cleaner than putting a wart up on the fender. My first car, a 1970 Cutlass had that. (It also had this one particular wing that has somehow hung around.)


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260mgb Jim Nichols
Sequim,WA, USA   USA
Bearings that allow cheap SBC 2.1 forged rods to fit 2.0 Buick/Rover crank journals:,64403

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2019-03-06 10:18 AM by 260mgb.

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cgill Avatar
cgill Chris Gill
Salmon Arm, BC, Canada   CAN
1979 MG MGB "Buick 300 Stroker"
Jim Blackwood and Jim Nichols are Buick 300 gurus so you are in good hands.

Have fun.

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