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Houston MG Car Club

British V8 meet - anyone thinking about going?

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rficalora Avatar
rficalora ROB FICALORA
Willis, TX, USA   USA
1976 MG MGB V8 Conversion "MG MUTT"
For those not familiar, the first thing to know is the name is a misnomer. Everyone is welcome!!

Info about the BritishV8 get together can be found here.., and lots more info here...,49665

This isn't a club. There are no competitions or judged events. Just a group of like minded enthusiasts who get together annually to catch up with each other; see new conversions & what folks have done to the ones we've seen before; drive (there are always a few driving events), and visit local museums, tracks, or other points of interest. Participants generally fall into three categories:

1. Owners/drives/spouses of individuals with British cars that have engine transplants - V8's, V6's, more modern I4's, etc.
2. Individuals considering doing an engine swap -- this event is, by far, bar none, the best event to participate in if you're
considering doing a swap. You'll get to see all the options out there & most will let you drive their cars some so you
can compare the various engine, rear gear, & other options to consider. (I went in a rental car when I was getting
ready to do my project but got to drive several other's cars -- invaluable in making swap decisions.)
3. Stock British car owners/lovers. While admittedly fewer participants come in stock cars, folks with stock cars are always
welcomed along with everyone else so if you're just up for a week with car guys, it's a good venue.

This year, A group of 5 or 6 of us are meeting in Dallas (Lucas TX just outside of Dallas actually) & caravanning up from there (two will be trailering cars so there'll be extra room for tools, spares, etc. if needed). We'll be doing the trip up in two days. Plan is to head out on Tuesday, July 14th & stop the 1st day in Blytheville, MO (about a hour past Memphis), then on to Indy the 2nd day from there. We haven't set the start time from Lucas yet, but likely around 5:30 or 6am. If we do the same on day 2, we'll get into Indy around noon or 1pm on the 15th.

Let me know if you want to join in & I'll get you added to the email distribution we have going.

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