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MGExp Buy & Sell Rules - READ THIS FIRST

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Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
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Post your Used Parts & Cars For Sale ads here...

This forum is for private individuals to sell their used parts & cars to other members.

The Buy & Sell Forum is NOT a forum to solicit business for your company. Posts that violate the rules will be deleted immediately.
Businesses, please read the Forum Rules sticky post, and read this for more info:

Please make sure to specify your location and price when posting!

To ensure your transaction goes smoothly, I recommend buyers & sellers exchange phone numbers.
That way, if a payment or a part doesn't show up or isn't as described, you have recourse to work it out that doesn't involve email.

The MG Experience does not guarantee or verify any information about items for sale.
Protect yourself by following these guidelines:

Some additional Buy & Sell Forum rules:

  1. Group your items for sale into as few topics as possible.
  2. Don't post new, duplicate topics for the same parts or car
  3. You may start up to 3 new topics per day.
  4. You may "bump" your topic once every 4 days

Please support this website by purchasing a Supporting Membership or donating a portion of your sales (suggested 5%).
Any amount, of course, is greatly appreciated.

MG Experience Donations

Once an item has been sold, please remove the contents of your post and replace with SOLD.
Posts can be edited for any length of time in this particular forum.

Selling your car?

There's now a Cars For Sale free classifieds page in the registry.
If your car is already in the registry, just go to the car's registry page, and click the "For Sale" button, and add a price.

Looking for something on eBay?

Please use this link to search for items on eBay and this site will receive a small percentage. No extra charge to seller or buyer!

MG Experience eBay Search

Happy Trading!

Webmaster, The MG Experience - Corvus Digital

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200mph Avatar
200mph Platinum Member Mike Joy
Winston-Salem, NC, USA   USA
Commonly used abbreviations for buying/selling/trading on this forum:

AH: Austin-Healey

BOW: Bolt-On Wheels, Hubs, axles

BST: Buy-Sell-Trade Forum

CB: Chrome Bumper

RB: Rubber Bumper

FS: For Sale

FT: For Trade

Moss #: Moss Motors catalog part number... good reference.

NMNA: Not Mine, No Affiliation. I saw this ad or photo, but its NM and I have NA to the item or the seller.

NOS: New, Old Stock. Parts never installed, sat on dealer's shelf forever. May still be in original packaging.

Repro: Reproduction of the original part.

RWP: Running When Parked. (Buyer Beware).

RWA: Round (rear) Wheel Arch - MG Midget (1972-74)

SWA: Square (rear) Wheel Arch - AH Sprite, MG Midget 1961-71 and 1975-79

Sabrinas: Big bumper blocks used on US version 1974 1/4 MGB and 1974 Midget

Spridget: Sprite + Midget. Generic term covering all 1961-79 cars.

Spitfidget: unkindly describes 1975-79 Midgets (they came with Triumph Spitfire 1500cc engines)

TRF #: The Roadster Factory part number. Another reference.

VB or VickyB #: Victoria British part number. Another reference.

WTB: Wanted To Buy

WTT: Wanted To Trade

WW: spoked Wire Wheels, hubs, axles

MG drivers outlook:

. . . . . "Anyone going slower than you drives like a MORON, and anybody driving faster is a FREAKING IDIOT!". . . George Carlin

. Hide banner ads & support this website by becoming a > Gold Supporting Member < Avatar Gold Member Dave Headley
Cortez, 4 corners, Colorado, USA   USA
Mike, you left out WTF and BFDdevil smiley. Good to visit with you in smiley

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chris Avatar
chris Platinum Member Chris Roop
Pendleton, OR, USA   USA
You could do some common terms to, starting with:
4xx.xx delivered- the price of a part with postage/freight/shipping included
loaded-calipers that come with pads installed (not necessarily from WA or CO)

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