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mgbanthony Avatar
mgbanthony Platinum Member Anthony Henderson
Gananoque, ON, Canada   CAN
1962 MG MGB
1962 MG MGB
1968 MG MGB MkII ~ For Sale ! ~
1970 MG MGB GT    & more
Mirror looks very original Chris. Nice sticker!
I notice your convertible top header rail is wrinkle finished. I've never since one like that. All of mine have been either gray with the early cars or satin black.

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stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
The external mirrors added to my parents car originally were bullet style. It was very popular to do so as I recall, probably because they were used on race cars.
Here is a photo of the 8 years of corrosion on the one installed (looks worse than it is) and the new one I just bought, I'll add more as I scan my parents old photo albums of the car through the years from new to give more perspective.
The Talbot looking little mirror is a Moss or some other clone replacement, it's very stylish and cute but you can't see anything out of it. I bought the larger United Pacific 4 1/2 inch mirror available from Summit racing to replace it with and hope for a more acceptable performance from it's larger lens!

Watching Grand Prix the other day and reviewing some 60's race car pictures make it clear that many wanted race car parts on their cars and bullets were it for a lot of our MGB's.

MGB bullet mirrors.JPG    31.9 KB
MGB bullet mirrors.JPG

stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
Hi Anthony,
Thanks for the comments, I read your stuff with interest.
My resto was done for my parents in the 90's, so I did what they wanted. They had a Robbins top with black interior color, my original top was gray inside and all of the bows for the top and tonneau were gray gloss. I powder coated the header rail and packaway top bows wrinkle black to match the Robbins top! It matched OK, and looks pretty good but now here we are 15 years later and I'll probably be refinishing all of those parts to glossy gray again when I get a new top eventually. The Robbins has two slits in it from unknown forces that need repaired. I see that it will go away for a more original top.

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MGB Robbins top and black bows.JPG    41.1 KB
MGB Robbins top and black bows.JPG

mgbbrown Avatar
mgbbrown Gold Member Tony and Sharon Ann Brown
Rougemont, NC, USA   USA
1969 MG MGB
Nice Chris! What I am reading between the lines are you parents- they must have been exceptional folks to be that interested in their MGB. I am sure that many fond memories involved that car! What is even more remarkable is that they had their son restore it for them!

Your interior rear view mirror is nice- I had three or four to choose from when I made the back mount for the Bob Stevens Rally Reader. They were all a different shade of copper-brown paint on the metal backing. The one I chose was color matched and was much darker than the the others-it had the best pot metal chromed stem though, but I was attracted to the darker color as it was interesting. This goes hand-in-glove with the paint fading replies in the Tudor waster bottle thread. To make the mount the glass had to be broken and removed. and the sample of early mirrors had two backs with copper rivets which is on the mirror I used and cadmium plated rivets on the other two. That was probabily an availability nuance rather that a production specification.

Racing did indeed influence the accessories found on MGB's with bullet mirrors being a prime example. Racing or rallying seats; steering wheels; gear shift knobs; roll bars and sporty looking ehxhaust systems all come to mind- and I am sure we can tack aluminum valve cover on the board as well. You will like the larger bullet mirror- mine are huge! I will probabily retain the factory rear view mirror on the driver's side and batwing on the passenger side because they are characteristics of the 1969 model year. They were what I had on the car and I am used to them, but I vastly prefer the looks of a bullet mirror-makes the car seem at least ten miles per hour faster! God Bless! Tony Brown RN mgbbrown

As an aside-my parts car was owned by a pilot who had various flying related stickers attached to the rear deck.

Always drink upstream from the herd. Will Rogers

miatadon Avatar
miatadon Silver Member Don Scott
Calistoga, CA, USA   USA
This is the original bullet style mirror that is on my '67 B. It was probably installed by the dealer who sold the car new, but I don't like it! I wish there was a Lucas or Tex type mirror that I could bolt to the fender, but there are two holes and they are too far apart to cover with a flat-type mirror's base.

mirror.jpg    50 KB

CDBaker Avatar
CDBaker Christopher Baker
Daphne, AL, USA   USA
1974 MG MGB GT "Libby"
1975 MG MGB "Little Green Car"
Hey Dan --- I see a sloping rear end in your picture. STOP -- I am talking bout a car rear end...eye popping smiley Is that a T series you have there?

Sorry to ask this ? on this topic --- but I wonder what that is.

stuntflyr Avatar
stuntflyr Chris McMillin
Catalina, Foothills, USA   USA
Hi Tony,
Sent a PM. You can contact me directly.

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