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What does a seamstress charge per hour

Posted by 3885KOONTZ 
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3885KOONTZ Avatar
Dave Budden
Sandy, Ut, USA   usa
1992 Ford Full Size Bronco "YRUUGLY"
2005 Dodge Neon
A friend of ours son, wants my wife to make drapes and tablecloths for his business. She can sew very well. We were thinking for of charging $25-30/hr. Does that seem fair?

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mac townsend Avatar
Fairfield, CA, USA   usa

take a project to several places (phone book, cleaners) and get quotes. reckon the project would take about an hour to do. make sure to accommodate the time to write it up and such.

that will tell you.

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don4975 Avatar
Don don4975
Rockville, MD, USA   usa
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Seems high, I guess it depends on how much you want the job? At $30 per hour I would shop elsewhere.


cfrench Avatar
Carl W. French
Alfred, Maine, USA   usa
Seems about right. Think about what a car shop charges for the entry guy to do a tune up. A seamstress has to provide the shop space and usually a rather expensive pro grade sewing machine.

Carl W. French
Alfred, Maine
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JackMG Avatar
Jack Lindler
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
Don, you're a skinflint - I agree with Carl.

Jerry Avatar
Jerry Harrington
north east, USA   usa
call around to pros and then do an average if yo want to job.

snoski Avatar
James Blackledge
Lake Norman, NC, USA   usa
1970 MG MGB
If she is doing labor only and not providing any materials, I would think $25-30/hr. is a bit steep.

cfrench Avatar
Carl W. French
Alfred, Maine, USA   usa
If she is doing it with thier sewing machine and not hers. In thier house and not hers then $25-30 is generous. The material is a whole 'nother ball game as that is going to cost big $$ potentially.

Carl W. French
Alfred, Maine
Southern Maine LBC welfare shelter
67B will be in our will
73BGT Daily driver
73BGT Wife's car
Many more that change often

Soyokaze 72MGB Avatar
Ryan Foster
Keller, Texas, USA   usa
1972 MG MGB "Bitty"
I seem to recall that if you go to Sears or JCP that they will make up curtains to order for you for a certain fee. You picked the style from their catalog, and they made them up. This might have been years ago, but I recall in the early 90's this service was available.


comart45 Avatar
Peter Cummins
Lansing,MI, USA   usa
You guys forget, it's not just paying for the job to be done, it's how good the job will be done. You pay more for quality and experience. If not, you should.

I've fought that my whole life with architectural renderings. Most builders just see the bottom line. They could care less how good the rendering is, just how much it costs. They forget that it reflects upon their product. Cheap ass art, must be a cheap ass product.

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