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FS MGB tube axle mounting kits, tube axle bearing kits & motor mounts [North Carolina, USA]

Posted by ghnl 
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ghnl Avatar
Eric Russell
North Carolina, USA   usa
I have some new, never used/opened parts that I had bought for our now-sold 1978 MGB. These do not fit my MGA (or early MGB's)

1) One tube-type rear axle mounting kit, Moss # 454-937. Moss price is $28.95/side. This kit, although the same part number, does both sides. 4 U-bolts w nylock nuts, 8 shackle bushes, 4 spring pads (but it does not include the front spring bushing). Asking $30.00 plus shipping.

2) Two tube-type rear axle outer bearing kits - bearing & oil seal. Moss # 125-850, Moss price $30.95 each. Asking $25.00 each plus shipping.

3) One tube type differential cover gasket. Moss # 296-210, Moss price $1.45. Free if you buy any other item, otherwise postage only.

4) Two 'heavy duty' motor mounts Moss # 413-065, Moss price $14.95, asking $20/pair plus shipping.

Eric Russell ~ Mebane, NC
1961 MGA #61, 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6, 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1991 Honda ST1100

rrmgb Avatar
robert schau
Reston, VA., USA   usa
1973 MG MGB
1973 MG MGB
I'll take the rear axle kit!
PM sent

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ghnl Avatar
Eric Russell
North Carolina, USA   usa
Price reduction - prices listed above will now include USPS shipping to the continental USA. Help fund an MGA restoration!

Item #1 is sold.

Eric Russell ~ Mebane, NC
1961 MGA #61, 1981 Alfa Romeo GTV6, 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1991 Honda ST1100

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