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Lucas Additive versus Slick 50

Posted by RichardMorris 
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RichardMorris Avatar
Richard Morris
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA   usa
1980 MG MGB "Killr B"
Does anyone have any opinions on either one of these additives?

V8MGBV8 Avatar
Carl Floyd
Kinggsport, TN, USA   usa

I am not familiar with the Lucas additive. My opinion of Slick 50 is...well, can you say "Snake Oil"? smiling smiley

Norm73B Avatar
Norm Peacey
Woodlawn, Ontario, Canada   can
1952 MG TD "Eileen"
Never ever ever put anything in your oil.

I had a Volvo 142 engine rebuilt many years ago and the shop put STP in the oil for breakin. Drove home (10 miles or so), car sat overnight, STP seperated out and in the morning got sucked up into and plugged the oil pump.

Took a minute to figure out there was a problem and shut the engine off, needed new bearings and almost 20 thou off the journals.

Oil manufactures spend a fortune to keep up to engine technology and gov't regulations, if one of these really worked do you think they would not add it themselves and charge us more for the product?

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sshack Avatar
Steve Shack
Victoria, Canada   can
Given the reputation of lucas in our electrics, do you really want to add their legendary reliability to your engine?

denvermgb Avatar
Brad Carson
Aurora, Colorado, USA   usa
I have had great luck with Royal Purple. It isn't an additive, but a synthetic. I tried Slick 50 a few times but I agree with the "snake oil" comment.


Gerry Avatar
Gerry Masterman
Prairieville, Louisiana, USA   usa
Slick 50 is a scheme to part you from your money. STP and Lucas, I suspect, are one in the same. Have used STP for many years and have seen the improvements over oil alone

Signature removed at Skye's request

BMC Avatar
BMC Gold Member
Brian Mc Cullough
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   usa
From what i understood, Lucas oil and Lucas electrical are two different companies only sharing a name but otherwise have nothing to do with each other.

Given the recent discussiosn on some of the other boards about the problems with modern oils distroying any motor with a flat tappet- namely all MG A and B series motors, triumphs, Healeys, Briggs and Statton, and anything else you can think of (yes, including the BOP/R, GM 60 Degree V6 and the SBF 302ci), additives or the right oil for the situation may be something we need to spend MORE time on now then ever before. There are addatives that have been removed and without going into it, distroying camshafts and so on. So far, only one type of Castrol has been identified as still acceptable, diesel oils (which we might start looking into putting in our clients cars) and a few synthetics such as aimsoil.

Anyone remember all the small engines that died around the time your State required a minimum of 10% ethonol to be added to the fuel? It happened here in Minnesota about 1990 and there was a sudden overflow of siezed B&S and many other small stationary motors- chain saws, lawn mowers, trimmers and so on that couldn't handle it. The bigger the motor, the longer it takes to be effected. I noted a few water cooled automobile engines effected the same way, but not as many and the effects were not as fast. This oil addative removal is reminding me much of it.... That said, I have read alot about it, but have not had the unfortunate experience of seeing anything come in to our shop with the problem.

I believe I tried slick 50 about 12 years ago for my wife's Honda that was going through oil like mad (She was my girlfriend waaay back then)
There was no slowing down the effect of the oil eating Honda. Just an expensive case of properly formulated 90wt motor oil was all that was. If you are looking at either one of these products for slowing a burn down, you are only putting a bandaid on a pretty bad gash. It will not cure a problem, only cover it up a little.


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rlooye Avatar
Ron Looye
Jasper, Alberta, Canada   can
I concur with the Snake Oil designation for Slick 50 also tried in a Honda just made it use more oil

Ron Looye
Invermere BC
79 302 efi Conversion complete
Cb Conversion

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G. W. Hardy
Texas, USA   usa
1958 MG Magnette ZB "Geraldine"
1972 MG MGB "None"
I've no experience with the Lucas Oil engine additives, but will definetely recommend the gear oil additive for use in MG transmissions. I add about a 25% by volume mix of Lucas gear oil/ transmission additive to the regular 20W 50 motor oil, (or straight 30 wt. in the old '58 model) and I promise it will make a quieter, smoother shifting, better syncroed gearbox.
Biggest problem is getting the lucas stuff into the's about the same viscosity as warm pizza cheese. Just be pateint and get in a comfortable position before you start. I use a small funnel with a piece of 3/4" plastic tubing attached so can pour the oil up by the dash and watch in run in down the clear tube.
Try'll like it.

'58 ZB MG
'72 MGB
'69 Midget

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