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Rover / Bellhousing question

Posted by mgcyclo 
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mgcyclo Avatar
Tim Rich
Township of Washinghton, NJ, USA   usa
Hi All,

I'm trying to replace the release bearing of my Tilton Hydraulic Throwout Bearing assembly.

I've already slid the trans out of the way. I was hoping to replace the bearing without pulling the engine. Can remove the bellhousing with the engine in the car and thereby gain the clearance that I need? How many bolts am I looking for?

If memory serves I can get to 2 from the top (ie via the engine bay). I know I can see these but I don't know if I can get a wrench on them.

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mgcyclo Avatar
Tim Rich
Township of Washinghton, NJ, USA   usa
Oh I forgot. Rover engine.

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