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Fuse panel location

Posted by cliffcox 
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Clifford Cox
Auburn, Alabama, USA   usa
For those of you that have re-wired you cars with a modern system. Where did you place the fuse box inside/ outside of the car?

sailadams Avatar
Larry Adams
Atlanta, GA, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB GT "Jose The GT"
1969 MG MGB "Raggedy (Ann) Roadster" ~ For Sale ! ~
I inherited one located just to the left of and under the steering wheel (just like my 1997 Dakota and my wife's 2003 Cadillac). Very modern but kind of close to the floor for easy visibility in an MGB. I don't know what would be better, all considered, however. Definitely not in the engine bay!

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Jim Stuart
USA   usa
Passenger footwell, inside.

302V8 Avatar
Pete Mantell
Sidney, IL, USA   usa
1958 MG Magnette ZB
1969 MG MGB V8 Conversion "Xenia"
1969 MG MGC
1969 MG MGC GT
1969 MG MGC GT "Foxy"   → more
cliffcox Wrote:
Quote: For those of you that have re-wired you cars with a modern system. Where did you place the fuse box inside/ outside of the car?

Hi Cliff,

I have installed many aftermarket wiring kit's into customer B's & my B's/C's.
Each have different size fuse block/panels.
Advance Autowire is a great set up, see link. Because of the size I usually install as Jim mentioned passenger side footwell.

This one is a 18 Circuit Painless.

Once installed, modify the map pocket and you'll have a great cover.

The Painless & Summit micro harnesses have a tiny fuseblock with separate relay's, this one can be installed tucked away and hidden above the footwell.

Another great place is in the engine bay passenger side above the footwell, in the small recess, behind the washer bottle on late model B's.

Things to consider.
Accessability, make sure you can reach the fuses easily. Especially when at night, when it's cold and raining...........
Future upgrades, i.e. will an AC unit fit now that I've filled the space with the fuse block etc.

Good luck!



69 CGT 7666 Auto - 69 CGT 9004 - 69 B 302 V8 - 78 B 215 V8

1744 Avatar
Bill Guzman
California, USA   usa
1973 MG MGB GT "Renegade I GT"
1974 MG MGB "Renegade"
And now......there is one that can be mounted in the trunk and uses the mini fuses.

It all depends on the kit and how long the wires are from the fues box. Most kits are design to be install in the driver side and some kits the wres are long enough to choose the either side.

Choose the location and talk to the manufacturer of the wiring kit and tell him that is where you want the fuse box, some of them will add some wire to the kit.

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Clifford Cox
Auburn, Alabama, USA   usa
Thanks...I was hoping that I could find a place that was less exposed. Clumsy feet and all!

Clifford Cox
Auburn, Alabama, USA   usa
I purchased an Advance Autowire system for the MGB

avbates Avatar
Tony Bates
San Jose area, California, USA   usa
I have the Advance harness and have mounted it immediately under the glove box. My car is a 74 CB roadster with a steel dash conversion.

Clifford Cox
Auburn, Alabama, USA   usa
would you happen to have a pictire of the mounting?

denvermgb Avatar
Brad Carson
Aurora, Colorado, USA   usa
I picked up a Painless type kit, the fuse box was mounted above the driver's left knee position on a beam under the dash, easy to get to, solid place to mount.


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79mgbv8 Avatar
Gil Price
Constable NY, USA   usa
1971 MG MGB GT
1976 MG MGB
1979 MG MGB V8 Conversion "Rumble Bee"
Cliff --I have an Advance kit in my car --installed under glove box in passenger foot well , its been there for 3 plus year with daily driving and lots of miles and has never been a concern for foot hitting or any problemsof the like.Its a great kit BTW Sorry Im out of the country and cant send you a pic --if youre interested and can wait about 6 weeks I can get a pic.--Gil

Clifford Cox
Auburn, Alabama, USA   usa
Thanks Gil - if you happen to remember when you get back, I would appreciate the pictures. Have a safe trip!

BMC Avatar
BMC Gold Member
Brian Mc Cullough
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   usa
1959 Austin A40 Farina
1959 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite
1961 Austin-Healey Sprite "Green Sprite"
1969 MG MGC GT "CGT"
1979 MG MGB   → more
I have had little time to follow/post on the threads. Hope these pictures help.

MGB GT This one needs more pictures of where we installed the fuse panel. This panel was instatlled on the drivers side behind the radio council. Its tight and next time, this panel will be sitting out more to help clear the radio.
No clear shots for this one installed:

MGB GT Car #2:
Request for an exposed harness to keep our time to a minimum.

MGB #3, this was actually the first conversion. Lots has changed since then! Everything exposed but done nice enough:
The back plastic cradle is for the stock PCM. The front box is the fuse/relay station. Hard to these but nice to use if in the engine bay.

MGB #4, shop car. Hidden harness with a bit of learning of what works well. If we were going for AC, maybe the fuse panel could move to the drivers side but that would actually take a bit more work because we are starting with the MGB harness and very little sheetmetal alteration.


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chrisj Avatar
Chris Jones
Denver, Colorado, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB "Syd"
I built my own from aluminum angle and it is mounted against the firewall just under the glove box. see picture:

67 mgb photos 003.jpg    23.8 KB
67 mgb photos 003.jpg

David Burstyn
Ontario, Canada   can
I installed Advance Auto Wire harness inside the map pocket in the passenger side footwell. Well protected and still accessable.

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