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Paint Job Cost?

Posted by Mister Jones 
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Mister Jones Avatar
Brent Jones
Herndon, Virginia, USA   usa
How much should a good (not concours) paint job cost? Soda blast the exterior, prime, paint - there's really no body work to do. My goal is to make a cool, nice looking, reliable driver, not to win shows.

James D
beach, VA, USA   usa
1978 MG MGB "The Bee"
It seems no two paint jobs are alike when done by hand, The is a good book on "How To Paint Your Car At Home, On a Budget". It should be helpful on getting the midget ready for paint. The midget is not a hard car to paint I'm sure? And you can remove most of the parts easily so they won't have to do the teardown (more money).

Talk to you local paint shops as estimates very. Look at there work and there shop.You should get a good paint job for your money.


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O, Ontario, Canada   can
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Soda or sandblast means the whole car has to come down to the shell. There is no such thing as "No bodywork required".

If you hand over a shell and have it blasted and paonted to a level that you are going to be happy, figure 5k for the job.

If you just want a driver, do the work at home. Maybe take to Maaco for the spray parPete

Speedracer Avatar
Hap Waldrop
Greenville, SC, USA   usa
1967 MG MGB Racecar "The Biscuit"
yeah, the paint work will be considerably less if you don't have to take the bodywork down to the metal, if the poaint on the car now is stuck good, not peeling, flaking or cracked then you can prime and paint over it. Also other thing that add to the cost of the paint job are jmming, and engine bay, exclude those two and expect to pay around $2K, and that after you talked to alot of people. Dodge bi body shops who main gig is insurance work, they don't really want your kind of job, and the only way they will price you, is thru the roof, so if you do say yes, it worth thier time. Find a smaller shop. The more prep work you can do, the more you will save. Also a good tip is to enroll in a body class at your local tech school in the evenings.

Hap Waldrop
Acme Speed Shop
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Dan Respecki
Clawson, MI, USA   usa
I just ordered the paint for my car. Epoxy primer, chassis black and a gallon of red for a total of $241. Almost done with the body work. I'm going to paint the car myself, I've done it before.

Bill Young Avatar
Kansas City, MO, USA   usa
1952 MG TD
1959 MG MGA 1500
1973 Lotus Europa
1973 MG Midget "Half Asp Or Frank"
1998 Jaguar XK8 Convertible
You're getting a good price Dan. Brent, if you can't paint it at home then there is another budget way to go that might work for you.
Try one of the discount shops like MAACO. They're not known for their great prep work, but the paint is of good quality and if you can prep the car well at home, doing the door jambs etc with touch up spray cans then you might get a pretty good driver paint job for less than a grand.

Bill Young
'73 Midget
'59 MGA

There is a fine line between a 'hobby' and 'mental illness'.

Derek up North Avatar
Derek Nicholson
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada   can
1961 MG MGA
fabmandan Wrote:
Quote: I just ordered the paint for my car. Epoxy primer, chassis black and a gallon of red for a total of $241. Almost done with the body work. I'm going to paint the car myself, I've done it before.

More details, please. That is a good price.

Dan Respecki
Clawson, MI, USA   usa
I ordered from here:
I got the #1703 Swift red kit in single stage urethane, the quart kit of black satin chassis single stage urethane and the quart kit of gray epoxy primer. The kits include the urethane hardener. You can get custom mixed colors, but I'm cheap and the red is close enough for me. $199.85 for the paint and $41.70 for shipping.

Dan Respecki

1962 Sprite

Derek up North Avatar
Derek Nicholson
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada   can
1961 MG MGA
Thanks for the info. Have you ever used them before?

kuz1 Avatar
Keith Kuzma
Prattville, Alabama, USA   usa
I haven't bought yet, but the guys at TCP give great customer service over the phone,real helpful and knowledgeable .

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Bill Trench
South Salem, NY, USA   usa
I have now painted 7 cars. Some came out stunning and some not so much so, but fixable. I have also gone the MAACO route. Just do all the body work, spot priming, and sanding to 320/400 . Remove any trim, chrome and whatever is easy. Do all the essential masking with thin tape along critical edges , and let someone who runs a gun all day spray the paint on . I used to get them to spray on one coat of overall primer, too. You can catch MAACO's 1/2 price sales often enough. Painting cars is both an art and a skill, and requires a bit of practice. The overspray and surrounding mess can be a pain in a garage, for instance. It's also real easy to get the gun set wrong and the job goes bad from the start. I get the real cheap plastic dropcloths and staple them to the outer edges of the ceiling of my shop to create an enclosed "bay" to paint in. Ventilation is a must.

Dennis Hall
Rathdrum, Idaho, USA   usa
1968 MG Midget "Midge"
I got a quote from a local shop yesterday. Have a hood I need repaired and he quoted $400, a reasonable price considering the $1200 price tag from Moss. He quoted me $4300 for painting the car. Jams, Engine compartment etc. I am considering doing the interior, trunk etc etc myself and then looking for a more reasonable price. I don't really want to take the car to Pebble Beach after all. I want a driver just to have fun!

O, Ontario, Canada   can
1967 MG MGB GT "Maggie (GT From Hell)"
Materials to paint the bugeye are going to be 600 dollars. This will include:

Epoxy primer
Activator for epoxy
High build primer
Single stage urethane paint
Sandpaper (lots of it, most people use it too long)
Seam sealer
block sanding guide coat (black rattle can or dust version)
tack rags
respirator cartridges
tyvec paint suit
laquer cleaner for gun cleaning
filters for paint
filters for air line
mixing cans
masking paper

Figure a body shop will have to mark this up 100% to make a profit.This is not a trivial task and you really have to count all the detail stuff in the true cost of the paint job cause it all adds up quickly.

I will do the underside, interior and engine compartment in epoxy and then color (wet on wet). The exterior will receive a coat of epoxy and a coat of high build (again wet on wet), whereupon I get to play the block sand game.

I will take the masked and block sanded shell to a local sprayer who will tell me what a lousy job I have done and that he wants to do more work, I will say "good enough" and he will charge me 250 dollars for his effort. He does great work and it will be nice and shiny!

Mister Jones Avatar
Brent Jones
Herndon, Virginia, USA   usa
I just sent out the '73 on a trailer. I took everything off for the guy to paint. He's going to strip, paint, pull the engine, paint the engine bay and install the Rivergate 5-speed kit for $3500. I'm keeping $500 in continency, but over all it sounds reasonable. The guy does concours BMW restos - pretty incredible and I think he's giving me a pretty good break given his normal type of work. My work is kicking up and I just can't spare the time. Hopefully, I'll have time to put it back together over the winter.

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