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stromberg question

Posted by havfam 
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George Haversang
Montville NJ, USA   usa
I recently purchased a 79 midget and I am lining up my winter projects. It was running very rich so I pulled the carb for a rebuild. When I pulled the "Air piston" It seemed like it has lots of play side to side? Is there a spec for this? I don't want to waste my time if it's toast. I have worked on the larger 175s and dont remember this much play. I can measure about 3mm if I rock it side to side?

mg man 75 Avatar
maurice sallee
Campbellsville, Central Kentucky, USA   usa
First posting on this page has a pdf on the Triumph. It has a pretty good section on the carb. It may have the spec in it. Maurice,2508054,page=7

MGB wanna B Avatar
Edward Davidson
Mt. Olive, North Carolina, USA   usa
find a different carb.

I have been having the same issues with the one on my B. got a freshly rebuilt one, no better. combined the 2 to make 1, very little difference.

spoken with countless different owners, techs, repair shop owners, and they're willing to give me more carbs, if I want them for parts, and shops are willing to work on them at posted labor rate, with no warranties at all. told me that, up front, based upon their experience.

hhhmmmmmm, that finally told me to change. I really wanted to keep my car stock, but i'm not going to keep throwing money into a hole.

replacement is on the way,(HIF44) for mine.

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