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1977 MG Midget

Posted by Brendon Lynch 
Moss Motors
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Last I knew she was started in 1987 and has sat since. In just two weeks time she is back up in and running (with little work - VERY little). There are still 101 little things that I need to get in order and could use all the tips and suggestions anyone may have.

Things that need some fixin':
1. Wipers don't work at all and are frozen in the "UP" position. They do feel like they are getting power, but the are VERY stiff to move (even with your hand) How do I even access the wiper motor?

2.Looking for a new soft top OR can you replace the plastic windows? The top is in poor to fair shape but the back window is glazed real bad with zero visibility. If I was to replace to top where can I find one? Any suggestions on web sites that offer auctions for this type of thing (I know E-Bay ... but no luck as of yet)

3.Turn signal unit (left side of steering column) where can I find a new one and what does it take to replace it?

If anyone has ANY suggestions or tips I would love to hear them. This is my first "recon" and I am having a blast with it ... just wish I knew more ... but I am learning as I go!

Thanks again!


It's my 1st LBC - 1977 Midget


Look into a Company named MOSS Motors LTD. They have an online catalog with almost any part you need.

Tom D.
'79 Midget

As I recall the wiper motor is on the left inner fender panel , remove it and casrefully take it apart & clean and grease everything , polish the commutator then take the cable off the car and clean it really , _really_ well
lube with lost of good black Moly grease and re-assemble - I did this to several LBC's (BMC products all) and the wipers now work a treat .

Almost everything on the car will work as new if you but remove it , clean lubricate & adjust , replace all rubber gaskets .

If the top has no holes in it , wash then treat with Meguire's Vinyl & Rubber cleaner/conditioner , product # 40 , that'll make the black part like new , then get some _soft_ cloths and use toothpaste to gently clean the cloudy rear window - Meguiar's also makes a two stage plastic cleaner / polish that os wonderfull on plastic windos and lenses too - try it , you'll be amazed .

Welcome to the world of LBC's .


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