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Chrome Accessories pictures anyone?

Posted by Butler74Midget 
Butler74Midget Avatar
Michael Butler
oshawa, Ontario, Canada   can

hello i was just wondering if anyone has had anything extra in thier engine bay and/or anywhere on thier car chrome plated. i was thinking about getting a few pieces chromed like the washer bottle holder, master cylinder cover hood latch, etc. only a few small pieces.

i was wondering if anyone could post pictures of the extra stuff they have had chromed or plated?
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Midget79 Avatar
john S
california, USA   usa


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Egodriver71 Avatar
Thomas Mann
Jacksonville, FL, USA   usa

Ashley Hinton has a ton of polished stainless steel on eBay!!!

Thomas Mann
Jacksonville, FL
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taskadog Avatar
Phil Burke
Tequesta/Orlando Florida, USA   usa
pmcmain Avatar
Paul McMain
Kokomo, IN, USA   usa

I have added many of the stainless steel items. Some items like the license plate backing and water bottle holder can be purchased from Moss. Others are from Ashley Hinton UK. I did purchase a couple items also from another seller in the UK.
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mg man 75 Avatar
maurice sallee
Campbellsville, Central Kentucky, USA   usa

I made Stainless plates for the brake/clutch mount and one for the carb heat shield plate. The overflow tank is brass can clean it and clear coat it. This was on my 74. Maurice

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fairmounter Avatar
mike Mike
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA   usa

Bring a Trailer is reviving a 63 Vette in an ebay promo. One of the most offensive things on the car (in the opinion of Bring a Trailer and every commenter) is the chrome that the dpo added. You could call BaT and it's commenters wrong, but consider the reaction that most of the car nuts in the know will have to a pimped out MG. I realize it would be more polite for me to say "go for it, it is your car," but resale and regrets are reality. (they bought the chromed out split window vette in otherwise driver shape for only $33k, yes $33k for a split window vette because the dpo did some unwise things to make it look a little "better"winking smiley.

Corvettes are obviously more popular to collectors than our cars, but MG Midgets are more rare by a wide margin.

If you are going to go there anyway, then definitely check out Ashley Hinton's stainless work, it is nice. You can email Ashely himself, and in addition to his stock he will make just about anything out of stainless for a price.

Truth be told, I bought stainless glass stops for the inside of my doors and stainless seat tracks from Ashely. I am very happy with the seat tracks.

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Gundy Avatar
David Harrison
Pumpkintown, USA   usa
1960 Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite "Screamin' Mimi"

While not a fan of chrome I do like polished alloy,aluminum and stainless steel.
Nothing wrong with a little bling.
cool smiley

engine.jpg (54.3 KB) –

AmishIndy Avatar
Seth Jones
Wheaton, IL, USA   usa
1971 MG Midget MkIII "Guenevire"
2007 Mazda 3 "Porco Rosso"

I found a battery tie down made of stainless on ebay. Things like that come up now and then.

Seth Jones

1971 MG Midget
Delbert Golightly
Spanaway Wash, USA   usa

Mike.........ya know what the ol' Hot-Rodder guys say, "iff'n it don't go, chrome-it" (grin) .......can ya have too much "BLING"??? ........yeah 'cuz ya'll spend alla yer time "polishing" it. Go to a "Hot-Rod" show, and bring yer dark glasses. They haul'em around the country in inclosed box trailers so they nebber gitt dirty. Me? I wanna daily driver that gitts rained and splashed on. I want the wind to whip my handle-bar mustache into my ears. As I tell my N-Tractor friends, paint it enny color that pleases you except JD Green'n'Yellow. ........Dell, the 20/20 painter (looks good at 20ft or 20mph) BLING away, ittz yer car
VII Avatar
stephen w
Albuquerque, NM, USA   usa

I have a chromed fuel pressure regulator and catch can. I suppose they would count as shiny bits added to the engine compartment.

midget792 Avatar
John S
Disabled Account, Antarctica   ata

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imagesCA6WQ756.jpg (11.4 KB) –

JohnD Avatar
John Souders
Jamestown,PA, USA   usa
1976 MG Midget 1500 "Ms. Midgee"

Chrome...Chicks dig it ,but it don't get you home. But then I drive a RB. Kinda like the Mennonite cars before impact fascia's.
Just do what feels good.smiling smiley

refisk Avatar
Rick Fisk
Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA   usa

I like that - my rubber bumper car - "the Mennonite Midget". thumbs up smiley
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